Mild Mannered Reviews – Infinite Frontier #2

Infinite Frontier #2

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Infinite Frontier #2


Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 13, 2021
Cover date: September 2021

“Infinite Frontier”

Writer: Joshua Williams
Artists: Xermanico, Jesus Merino, Paul Pelletier
Cover: Mitch Gerards
Variant Cover: Bryan Hitch

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Batman and Superman meet with Cameron Chase who has questions about the recent Multiverse issues. She reveals that people do not feel good about the official Justice League messages regarding the Multiverse. We then move to the Justice League Incarnate showing Thomas Wayne around the Multiverse where they are confronted by Magog who has returned to evil. This causes them to worry about others reverting to previous versions of themselves. They additionally worry about where Barry Allen has disappeared to. Back on earth Alan Scott and his son leave the rest of the Justice Society to better search for his daughter, who disappeared last issue in a burst of green light. Meanwhile Roy Harper is experimenting with his newfound powers as a Black Lantern, but he questions why he is a Black Lantern when he is still alive. And looking for support Cameron goes to recruit Captain Atom… which does not go well.


4Story – 4: I am enjoying this series, though I am a little worried that the event is trying to follow too many different characters and their mysteries. There are at least four core groups of characters that are following a mystery, not to mention the various other groups of characters that are on side stories. While I enjoyed this issue, it kind of feels like a collection of stories rather than a single narrative. In the collection there are definitely stories that I care little to continue reading. Roy Harper becoming a Black Lantern seems cool, and I wonder if it will be an ongoing character change, or just for this event. I am not familiar with DEO agent Chase, but her interaction with Captain Atom and earlier with Batman and Superman have piqued my interest in her investigation. But the search for Jade does not draw my interest, nor does the interactions between Thomas Wayne and Calvin Ellis, even though I love Calvin Ellis.

Despite these issues, I am still very excited to see what comes next.

5Art – 5: The different artists blend well on this book. I didn’t really notice any serious issues that would detract from the enjoyment of the story.

3Cover Art – 3: The art for the cover looks great but fails to excite for the story inside. I like the concept of having Superman and Batman in an interrogation room with Chase. But Superman and Batman seem lifeless in this image, while Chase has a weird smirk on her face that doesn’t seem to work within the context of this image.

2Variant Cover Art – 2: Structurally, there is nothing wrong with this image. However, it just leaves me with a big old “meh” feeling. I have no interest in the DEO, and so they seem the least qualified characters to excite me about the book.

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