Mild Mannered Reviews – Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 16, 2021
Cover date: October 2022

“The Trinity Trauma”

Writer: Meghan Fitzmartin
Artist: Laura Braga
Cover: Max Dunbar and Luis Guerrero
Variant Cover: Jorge Corona and Sarah Stern

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, and Luthor have captured Wondergirl. The heroes grapple with their own personal history with each of these villains. But Bart clues into the weird nature of these specific three villains uniting against them. He deduces that they were chosen because of their past experiences with them, furthering his reluctance to accept what is going on. Tim and Connor attack the villains, prompting Bart to join them, but he notices that when he speeds up or slows down the world begins to look off. Connor and Bart get into a confrontation because Bart doesn’t trust this version of Cassie. Bart leaves and finds the world to be sketched without color as he runs.

Meanwhile, Connor and Tim each have one on one conversations with Cassie where they come to the conclusion that this world isn’t for them. Cassie hints that a greater power will not be happy with their decisions. Tim, Connor, and Bart then find themselves in a space station where Cassie reveals a late 90s early/2000s version of the Justice League will force them to embrace the world.

4Story – 4: I’m a little bummed that DC revealed who is behind this different world. But this issue was a fun ride. These characters know each other very well, and I think that Fitzmartin has done a good job of letting their personalities bounce off of each other. It was also rewarding that each hero grappled with their new reality in their own way, and we got to see them come to terms with this world on their own. The team up against the Justice League should be a fun installment next month.

5Art – 5: The art continues to be vibrant and playful. The backgrounds are simplistic, but the action is so energetic and fun that it makes up for it. Braga has a cartoony style that is fun and engaging.

3Cover Art – 3: The cover pencils look great, having the three villains supersized against tiny versions of the heroes is excellent. However, the yellow tinge to the whole illustration doesn’t work for me. I found it made the image feel washed out, and didn’t match the vibrancy that existed inside.

3Variant Cover – 3: This cover was ok. The background images were cool, but I didn’t like how Bart’s face looked in close up.

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #3