Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1042

Action Comics #1042

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Action Comics #1042

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 26, 2022
Cover date: June 2022

“Warworld Saga” – Part 7

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: Riccardo Federici
Cover: Riccardo Federici
Variant Cover: Julian Totino Tedesco

Reviewed by: James Lantz

On Earth Martian Manhunter is in a dilly of a pickle, and Lois Lane is chronicling Phaelosian history and recent encounters with the exiled Kryptonian colonists. The comatose Thao-La is going through withdrawal symptoms that only the hidden Genesis Fragment can help. Fortunately, Lois has an idea where to find it. Meanwhile on Warworld, Superman and the Authority’s rebellion is seeing some progress as they have gotten their hands on an Orphan Box to teleport them throughout Warworld. They may get assistance on Earth for Lois and John Henry Irons are in the Steelworks discussing his research on the Genesis Crystals when their energy allows them to hear Superman’s voice come from Warworld.

4Story – 4: This arc is still running a bit too long. Perhaps if it ran in more than one title like the classic “Exile” saga, I’d feel differently. I get that DC wants to connect this to “Infinite Frontier” and “Future State”. Yet, they need to stop dragging the pace for the collected edition market to do that. Still, this issue is an improvement on the previous two or three. What helps is seeing what’s going on on Earth while Clark is on Warworld. I hope more in this series balance Warworld and Earth scenes as well as this one did.

5Art – 5: Riccardo Federici has a style that may not be considered right for Superman. However, he is right for this serial.

5Cover Art – 5: This is more proof that Federici is a fantastic artist. This cover feels like a mix of Alex Raymond and Frank Frazetta.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Tedesco is channeling Alex Ross for this amazing variant.

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Action Comics #1042