Mild Mannered Reviews – Action Comics #1033

Action Comics #1033

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Action Comics #1033

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 27, 2021
Cover date: September 2021


Reviewed by: James Lantz


“Warworld Rising” – Part Four

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Penciller: Daniel Sampere
Inker: Daniel Sampere
Cover: Daniel Sampere
Variant Covers: Julian Totino Tedesco and Jen Bartel

As two Phaelosians remain in a coma and Lois tries to gain Thao-La’s trust, Task Force X agents attempt to steal the Genesis Fragment from Atlantis. Superman, his family and the Justice League must defuse the situation as Atlantis and the United States prepare for war. Meanwhile, Mongul has sent a warrior to get Thao-La. However, he didn’t count on the Phaelosian gaining superhuman powers and Lois Lane protecting her like she is family.

5Story – 5: This chapter is making the story more complex while making it also entertaining. There are a lot of questions I’m hoping are answered in Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run. For example, how is this serial connected to “Superman and The Authority,” “Future State” and the recent Annual? Granted, I haven’t read the past few issues of “Superman” as of this writing. Yet, I feel like there are gaps that Johnson is trying to fill with each chapter that comes out. I hope I’m right because that just makes this book more fun to read for me.

5Art – 5: Sampere really has shown his greatest strengths as an artist – alien beings and science fiction settings – really stand out in this issue and this entire story arc so far. He fits like a glove on a Superman creative team.

“The Passenger” – Part Five

Writers: Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad
Penciller: Michael Avon Oeming
Inker: Michael Avon Oeming

Midnighter has freed Mister Miracle from Trojan Solutions trap. However, they may not have a chance to fully escape because Acolytes are blocking their path. If they are to leave Trojan Solutions alive, Mister Miracle and Midnighter will need everything at their disposal and, well, a miracle.

5Story – 5: It’s a good story in spite of feeling rushed in places. It doesn’t deserve a lower rating for that, however. Let’s hope the next issue remedies that extremely tiny flaw.

5Art – 5: The art surprising has been really great in this story’s individual parts. That’s not because I don’t like Michael Avon Oeming. It’s because his style would normal not work well for a story featuring Midnighter for me. However, he’s proven that he can visually convey tales like this one.

5Cover Art – 5: This cover shows us how Superman is caught in the middle of a situation without giving too much away. It’s really well drawn and perfect for this issue.

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