“Memoirs Under The Yellow Sun” Fan Film Series Postponed

DJC Filmz has announced that the remainder of their Fan Film series “Memoirs Under The Yellow Sun” has been postponed.

Back in February 2022 DJC Filmz released episode one of “Memoirs From Under The Yellow Sun” via YouTube.

Don Callahan of DJC Filmz said, “Due to preproduction road blocks, it’s with a heavy heart to say this once again, this series has been postponed until further notice.”

“Co-creators and producers of the show have fought to pick it back up and running. Unfortunately, fan films and series like this can be difficult to make with the ambition, then having to scale down and try to macgyver all resources, story changes and let alone invest the time and energy.”

“What does this mean? We will be going back to the drawing board and reimagine this series in a new media format, either stop motion, cartoon animation, radio show. Whatever that will be. Rest assured that we will continue to tell this story, we just want to tell it the way it should be told and done efficiently.”

“Thank you to all those that continue to follow our journey to what is one of the most exciting superman stories yet. So stay tuned super fans!”