“Memoirs From Under The Yellow Sun” – Episode 1: “A Deadly Inquiry”

In 2019, DJC Filmz released their fan film titled “Superman: World War”. Now, in 2022, a follow-up series has been launched, with episode one of “Memoirs From Under The Yellow Sun” available to watch online.

“After the second world war, Nazi doctor Dr. Gerhard is captured in American Soil by the Mob. What are they looking for?”

If you never saw the “Superman: World War” fan film from 2019, you can watch it below:

Lois and Clark are assigned to the Press Corps in France near the end of WWII, in March of 1945. Lois and her photographer, Private Donald Callahan, are kidnapped by Nazi Super Soldiers and taken as hostages to Berlin. To rescue them, Superman must stand up to Hitler’s Super Soldiers. They are more formidable than any foe he has faced previously. Opposing philosophies of what the “superman” is are explored. This film is Superman at his roots. The Director puts his own grandfather, who really was a WWII photographer, in the Jimmy Olsen role. Supermen: World War is a feature-length Fan Film and a passion project!

Episode 1