McFarlane Toys Previews Blackest Night Superman Action Figure

McFarlane Toys has given fans a preview of their upcoming Blackest Night Superman action figure.

“How are you going to stop me?”

In the 2009 “Blackest Night” comic book saga, Nekron created an evil zombie army using black lantern rings. Every dead character, including Earth-Two Superman, was resurrected to invade New Earth.

Kal-L, devoid of his soul and reasoning, is sent to attack New Earth Superman and Conner Kent in Smallville.

Eventually, Power Girl used a weapon devised by Doctor Fate and Mister Terrific that completely destroyed Kal-L’s reanimated corpse.

Look for further details about the availability of the Black Lantern Superman action figure to be released soon.

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April 16, 2022 12:02 pm

Where’s his black ring? The reason why earth-two Superman was reanimated was because of Nekron’s Black Lantern ring. So where is it? The zombie Superman should have a black ring.

Still, very creepy and impressive figure. And it’s not even October yet.

But…. When will we get a Tyler Hoechlin Superman and Lois action figure and a Brandon Routh Crisis on Infinite Earths action figure? Will we ever get this two figures???

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