May 24, 2016: Rare Copy of “Superman #1” Lands in Toronto Comic Shop

adv001sA restored edition of “Superman #1” from 1939, with a value of around $45,000, will be on display at The Beguiling comic book shop in Mirvish Village, Toronto.

Superman #1 was first published in 1939, and according to store owner Peter Birkemoe, only about 200 copies are still in existence.

Mint condition copies of Superman #1 can fetch as much as $500,000, Birkemoe said. However, the comic at The Beguiling has been restored, and is expected to sell for a comparatively paltry $45,000.

Still, Birkemoe said the comic “is by far the most rare and valuable comic we have ever offered for sale.”

The comic book won’t be on display long, as it is expected to sell fast.

The Beguiling comic book store is located at 601 Markham Street, Mirvish Village, Toronto.