May 24, 2016: Ben Affleck Excited About Working with Geoff Johns

In a short video posted online, Ben Affleck holds a copy of “DC Universe: Rebirth #1” in his hands and exclaims how excited he is to be working with Geoff Johns.

“I would read anything by Geoff Johns. He’s a @#$& genius, I love him. I love DC, I’m really excited about where it’s going, and I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be on board and part of this DC universe.”

The video is obviously designed to promote the “Rebirth” comic book event, which Geoff Johns is a big part of, but also goes a long way to showing that Affleck is excited to be working with him on the upcoming solo Batman film and “Justice League” movies, with Johns having recently been appointed to co-run DC Films for Warner Bros.