May 22, 2016: Fan Film Kickstarter – “Men in Black: Kryptonian War”

Filmmaker Felipe Matos is working on a fan film titled “Men in Black: Kryptonian War” which marries the “Men in Black” concept with the world of Superman.

This is a fan film merging my two favorite mythologies. Men In Black and Superman. This film is about a new powerful threat on Earth too powerful for the MIB to handle that they recruit the help of the most powerful alien on earth, SUPERMAN! The funds are required to purchase custom costumes. The Superman costume is based off at the MAN OF STEEL film and we’ve already had this done. You can see it in the pictures. Also we have custom alien costumes and armor as well as MIB weapons that have to be made from scratch. We also need to purchase additional lighting, portable green screen and make sure we have funds to feed our cast and crew.

If you would like to back the Kickstarter to help fund this fan film, head to