May 15, 2016: Remembering Darwyn Cooke


Darwyn Cooke passed away on Saturday, May 14 from cancer, aged 53. It was only a day earlier that fans were shocked to learn that the talented artist had been admitted to palliative care via a post from wife Marsha.

DC Comics fans were lucky to have experienced Cookes amazing work across both comic books and animated movies, especially the highly acclaimed DC/Justice League “The New Frontier”.

Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Comics told the LA Times, “Darwyn was a brilliant storyteller whose larger-than-life persona was only matched by the direct simplicity and power of every word and line he put to paper. Very few have the ability or confidence to communicate that succinctly, that clearly. I was not alone in my admiration and envy of his many talents.”


In a 2012 interview Cooke said, “Without getting too far out there, it all speaks right to the heart of our mortality. You start out drawing with crayons as a kid and if you look at Picasso’s work when he was 9 and when he was 90, he’s basically come full circle. And then there’s all that stuff in between. When you’re 20, you’ve basically come to believe that everything you’ve been told as a kid is a lie and you’re looking for material to support that. Then you start to grow out of that and you realize that’s not the case and that the dark things are just part of the picture.”

The Superman Homepage extends our deepest sympathies to Marsha Cooke and Darwyn’s family and friends.