Marc Andreyko Talks “Supergirl #21”

The “Supergirl” comic book title is back, and writer Marc Andreyko spoke to about what drew him to tell Kara’s story, what fans can expect from his run on the book. Here’s part of the interview…

“Part of the thing that interested me about the character of Supergirl is what is the definitive Supergirl story?” says Marc. “There really isn’t one. There has been glimmers of it like Crisis on Infinite Earths, the great stuff Paul Levitz and Keith Geffin did in Legion of Super-Heroes and Sterling Gates and all of that, but, reading all of the Supergirl material before I got the job, I realized that something about her character could explain the lack of a firm, definitive version of her. She’s never dealt with a trauma, so she went from – and now she’s on a planet where she is known as Superman’s cousin, the whole “Marcia, Marcia Marcia” of it all, and a lot of that is self inflicted on her because she has chosen to not deal with that trauma and now that she has found out that the destruction of the planet was an inside job, now, the physical detective work of trying to find out who knew and who needs to be brought to justice, mirrors her internal emotional arc of “who am I?”, and you know, the survivor guilt. The anger, the sadness, the fear of loving earth because will she be betraying Krypton? You know? It’s like do you love your stepmom and if so are you betraying your mom? It’s that metaphor. It’s something very human that we can all relate to and it’s just her trying to find herself and get out of her own way, which is something we all need help doing every day of our lives.

And that being said, it’s not going to be a dreary, dark, navel gazing series. It’s going to be a big, rollicking space adventure! Krypto is there with her, but, for all of the big adventure and all of the big supervillain battles, you need that core of emotional truth that makes you care about the characters. Otherwise, it’s just watching a video game. It’s watching things fight each other.”

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