Major Roles Cast for “Superman vs Doomsday” Fan Film

The roles of Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been cast for the big budget “Superman vs Doomsday” fan film we recently reported on.

Joshua Boultinghouse, best known as the official town Superman of Metropolis, Illinois, will portray the Man of Steel, while Lois Lane will be portrayed by Jenna Fazzino, a professional cosplayer, who, according to director Morgan Strebler, “read for the script and knocked the ball out of the park.”

Titled “Superman vs Doomsday,” the fan film will be shot this year in Vancouver. Executive Producer and Director Morgan Strebler told the Superman Homepage, “I will be shooting in a lot of the Smallville locations, including the Kent Farm and Main Street of Smallville. I will also be shooting in familiar locations around Vancouver for Metropolis such as the Daily Planet.”

Other roles already cast include Aaron Smolinski (Superman: The Movie, Superman III, Man of Steel) as Lex Luthor, and Stan Houston (Selma) as General Lane, while other well known actors have also been cast in cameo roles.

An official website for the fan film has been set up at

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January 23, 2020 2:04 am

Congratulations to them both. I look forward to seeing their film. 🙂

January 23, 2020 2:36 am

It’s pretty common in modern bodybuilding, but the -shall we say- thickness of his abdomen makes him look a bit on the chubby side. Especially with the unforgiving spandex…
I’m getting kind of a late George Reeves vibe.

January 23, 2020 2:30 pm
Reply to  afriend

Josh’s build in the picture reminds me a bit of Wayne Boring’s art from the early Silver Age where Superman is built more like a power-lifter. I agree he could use a little slimming down but his arms seem pretty ready to go.

January 23, 2020 10:30 pm
Reply to  MattComics

I didn’t make the connection before, but you are absolutely right.

January 28, 2020 8:45 am
Reply to  afriend

HGH or insulin gut.
Short answer: The use of human growth hormone, other substances with insulin use is a practice known as “stacking,” which leads to fat build up behind the abdomen muscles. Called visceral fat.

January 23, 2020 3:38 am

Hopefully the suit comes across a tad darker blue… it a bit light. Between that and Cavill blue…

January 23, 2020 11:47 am
Reply to  Soulace

Was this Superman actor the same guy that played the Superman fill in back in Supergirl season one? Where we only got to see a silhouette of Superman‘s figure? The actor before Tyler?

January 23, 2020 2:32 pm
Reply to  Soulace

The kind of blue Dean Cain had in his suit could work well. (Just don’t do that goofy style S he had or the Home-Ec belt buckle.)

January 23, 2020 10:43 pm

I don’t mean to put the hate on anything here or show any disrespect but I don’t watch fan films whether it’d be Superman related or anything else. I don’t like to watch low budget stuff or anything that looks like was shot with a portable Kodak camera. I realize resources are limited but I’m just saying. I don’t call a one million dollar budget a big budget. I mean for a fan film I suppose it is but for a real Superman film no. Besides I’m tired of hearing about Doomsday because that’s always tied to Superman’s apparent demise… Read more »

January 26, 2020 11:51 am
Reply to 

The quality of fan films are actually starting to get better and better as time goes on. There are several out there that are shot very well and look pretty close to what you’d actually see from a major studio. Not saying that will be the case for this film, but fan films are trending upwards in terms of quality. If anything, it’s probably the acting that could be the downfall of this movie rather then how it’s shot. It will be an upward battle for them, though, with the special effects. Doomsday in particular I would think will be… Read more »

January 26, 2020 5:27 pm
Reply to  cpm72586

The Vader one that you mentioned, that was the one that the Star Wars theory guy did right? I heard it’s really really good. 🙂

January 26, 2020 11:27 pm
Reply to  Superman2878

That’s the one, and yea, it’s fantastic. Probably the best thing I’ve seen in regards to Star Wars since the originals. Very impressive what they were able to do.

January 27, 2020 11:05 pm
Reply to  cpm72586

Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out sometime soon.

January 24, 2020 5:53 pm

There are times when fans can do some pretty amazing things even without the polish and truckloads of money Hollywood can provide. Sometimes with Hollywood they crow about how money they spent and then you see the end product and wonder where the hell it all went.

January 28, 2020 10:17 am

Congrats all around, but boy, her face is really filtered.

Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing this.