Long Live the Legion – New Episode for “DC Universe Online”


Sony Entertainment has announced the availability of a new event and new episode involving the Legion of Super-Heroes for the “DC Universe Online” massive multiplayer online game.

In the 31st Century, the Legion of Super-Heroes is locked in battle with the timeless sorcerer Mordru. Unable to defeat his rivals, Mordru devises a new plan: to win the future by destroying the past! The Legionnaires come up with a brilliant plan: to call for help from the heroes from the past that Mordru seeks to destroy.

Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Lightning Lad now look to you for support to face Mordru, Validus, Emerald Empress, and more. Will you answer their call?

Long Live the Legion features new daily and weekly Open World missions, raid-like world bosses, a normal and elite Alert, and a normal and elite Raid! To play this content your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 310.

For a limited time, special “Event” versions of all content for Long Live the Legion will be available to all players level 15+ as well! Look for these Event versions in the Events tab of your On Duty menu.

New Episode: Long Live the Legion

New Open World Missions – 31st Century: New Earth

  • Look for 31st Century: New Earth in your Warp Menu or use the teleporter in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom
  • New Daily and Weekly missions in 31st Century: New Earth
  • Minimum Level: 15

New Alert and Elite Alert – Legion HQ

The Legion has invited you to their Headquarters for orientation and evaluations: time travel to the 31st can cause unexpected side-effects, even without Mordru’s interfering!

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for Legion: Legion HQ under Tier 10 of the 4 Player Tab. Combat Rating: 310
  • For the Event Version – look Legion: Legion HQ (Event) in the On Duty Menu under the Events Tab. Minimum Level: 15

New Raid and Elite Raid – Legion: Convergence of Unmaking
Mordru’s ritual has begun and threatens to erase 21st century inspirations from history. Head to Mordru’s lair before you’re next!

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look Legion: Convergence of Unmaking under Expert Tier 10 of the 8 Player Tab. Combat Rating: 310
  • For the Event Version – look for Legion: Convergence of Unmaking (Event) in the On Duty Menu under the Events Tab. Minimum Level: 15

New Gear, Base Items, Feats and More

  • Earn new event currencies: Solar Credits and Time Beacons!

New Artifacts and Augments

  • Acquire new gear inspired by Emerald Empress and Cosmic Boy!
  • Plus collect new base items, feats, and more!

Source: DCUniverseOnline.com