Lobo TV Spot for “Krypton” Season 2

Syfy has released a new image and TV spot focusing on Lobo for Season 2 of “Krypton”.

Don’t get squeamish. Lobo’s coming to town.

ComicBook.com caught up with actor Emmett Scanlan to find out more about Lobo and which comic books inspired this version of the character. Here’s part of the interview…

Were there any particular comics you read for reference before taking on the part?

It’s funny ye know, my first ever introduction to Lobo growing up was a crossover between DC & Marvel were he fought Wolverine in a bar. I’ll never forget that. Lobo left a mark on me then. I’ve read a good few comics over that time and since taking him on. You learn his does and don’ts. You learn that he has no don’ts. Anything goes. Literally anything. Having that knowledge, that freedom and these scripts were my reference. They allowed me to find the music of the part. After that, all I did was dance.

What “version” of Lobo can we expect to see — badass biker, over-the-top comic violence, or Twilight-inspired hitman?

We pay massive respect to all the comics and the heritage of the character. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it… Physically I ain’t the biggest son of a bitch out there, so it was of the utmost importance I captured this guys spirit. Because that’s all that matters really… You ain’t getting the biggest Lobo in the universe but I promise you you’re getting the craziest…

Read the complete interview at ComicBook.com

Zod! Brainiac! Doomsday! Lobo! Seg-El’s enemies are closing in, and the future of his home planet of Krypton has been stolen. Join the fight to take it back when “Krypton” returns to SYFY on June 12.

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May 11, 2019 3:48 pm

I love it when I see characters on TV and feel like I’m reading a comic book. Awesome work again, Krypton. Maybe Supergirl’s executives should take a look at this work.