Live “Man of Steel” Commentary by Zack Snyder

MOS Watch Party

Director Zack Snyder will host a live commentary Watch Party of the movie “Man of Steel” via his Vero social media account on Wednesday, May 20 at 8.00am PDT.

Snyder wrote, “Many of us are struggling during this difficult time. Felt it could be cathartic to come together now for a Man of Steel Watch Party and celebrate the ultimate symbol of hope. Submit some questions, I’ll answer a few after.”

  1. Open VERO a few minutes before 8am PDT
  2. At 8am PDT a banner will show at the top of the main feed saying “1 LIVE EVENT”
  3. Tap the banner, it will open a list with only one item
  4. Tap the only item in the list (it will have the “Man of Steel” artwork)
  5. It will switch between “Offline” and “Buffering” until the stream is live
    If there are any problems with the banner not showing, try restarting the app.

Have your copy of the movie to hand, hit play when Zack does, and experience the movie like never before thanks to Zack’s commentary.

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May 19, 2020 5:42 pm

Although there were two or three scenes that should have at the very least, had the dialog re-written,… this as far as a Superman movie was one of most action packed, well made and realistic superhero movies to date.

Out of all we’ve endured I for one will always wish we would have gotten a direct sequel before slipping off towards the JL. We simply, like this version of him or not, didn’t get enough Superman in areas we should have.