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The Superman Homepage is but one of many fan-created Superman-related websites. Listed below are some other websites you might like to visit. They're organized into the following categories:

General Superman Fan Sites

Superman Comics Fan Sites

Superman Cartoon/Animation Fan Sites

Superman 1950s TV Fan Sites

Superman Movie Fan Sites

  • - Arguably the best collection of Christopher Reeve "Superman" movie photographs available.

  • DarkMark's "Superman and Man" FanFic story is a great read, asking the questions: What if Superman and Christopher Reeve swapped bodies for a day?

  • Unofficial Sarah Douglas website - Sarah played Ursa, the female Phantom Zone villain from Superman II. This website has information about her Film and TV roles. There's also Superman movie info and a special section on the Phantom Zone villians.

  • General Zod - Hilarious website dedicated to the reign of General Zod. :)

  • Supermania - A blog dedicated solely to rare memorabilia from the Superman movies.

Superboy TV Fan Sites

Smallville TV Fan Sites

  • KryptonSite - an excellent resource for information on the "Smallville" TV show.

  • Girl Friday - A tribute to Chloe Sullivan, and Allison Mack, the actress who plays her. Includes charatcer bios, fan fiction archive, mailing list and clique, gallery, and more.

  • SmallvillePH - Smallville fan site with some great downloads for your mobile/cell phone.

  • Smallville on the TV MegaSite - The Smallville section of the TV MegaSite, with in-depth scene-by scene episode guides, news, bios, games, trivia, puzzles, polls, a store and much more.

  • Lois Lane's Daily Journal - A website dedicated to Erica Durance's character Lois Lane on "Smallville".

  • Red Cape Gallery - Fan art site focusing on images (mostly photo manipulations) of Tom Welling as a full-fledged Superman.

  • The Definitive Smallville Soundtrack - A list of all the music found throughout all ten seasons of the TV series.

Non-English Superman Fan Sites