Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lois & Clark Web Sites

Unofficial Web Sites (maintained by Lois & Clark fans):

Zoomway's website is quickly becoming a showpiece. Video clips, a weekly trivia game, chat rooms and LNC message boards. Quotes, locations, excuses, powers - it's a heaven for trivia lover's. And don't miss Zoomway's famous Kiss list. There's also the 3D section for virtual reality tours of Clark's apartment, his closet (where he hides the suits), the Daily Planet and more.

Suzanne Lanoue has a Lois & Clark website full of interesting information.

The World of Lois and Clark - Metropolis, Smallville, New Krypton. How a great metropolitan newspaper is run, the Metropolis Police and Fire Departments. A listing (with screen caps) of all named (and some unnamed) characters by episode.

Lois and Clark Tribute - Is rich in multimedia and self-created works based around the "Lois and Clark" TV show, as well as show information.

FanFic Sites

Fanfiction are stories about Lois and Clark written by fans. For those of you really missing Lois and Clark, this is a great way to continue enjoying our favorite show!

The L&C Fanfic archive web site has over 950 stories written by fans about Lois and Clark. Information on how to submit stories and how to join the fanfic mailing list is available at the Fan-fiction FAQ. All the fanfic in the archives is suitable for all audiences.

Lois and Clark Nfic Archive - Lots of fan written fiction.

Zoomway's Page has a message board for fanfic.

Be sure to visit the Lois & Clark Fan Fiction Boards for "Lois & Clark" fanfiction.

The official site for the annual Lois & Clark Fanfic Kerth Awards. Also contains an L&C desktop theme, waving cape screensaver, L&C music videos, fanfiction, episode songs & lyrics, plus puzzles, games and more.

If you wonder who writes the fanfic, The Writers Showcase features interviews with many of the fanfic authors. She also has interviews with L&C writers Tim Minear (who wrote the fourth season episodes Brutal Youth, 'Twas the Night before Mxymas, Meet John Doe, and I've Got You Under my Skin), and producer and writer Brad Buckner.

"Lois and Clark" Parody Twitter Account contains 'plots' from the 'unaired 5th season' of "Lois & Clark". Fans of the show and general fans of Superman might find it amusing.

The Saga Continues...

The cancellation of Lois and Clark was not an end but a beginning. Unable to accept the fact that there would be no more stories about Lois and Clark, FoLCs began to put together their own "seasons" of LNC. These stories differ from individual fanfic, in that they are a series of stories pulled together by themes, and interconnected plot lines.

The Unaired Fifth Season (TUFS). Stunned by the sudden cancellation of "Lois and Clark," the Krypton Club decided to continue the series into a fifth season. Craig Byrne and Matt Combes recruited a team of fifteen writers to put together "The Unaired Fifth Season," or "TUFS." These twenty-two stories "aired" on Sunday nights during the 1997/98 television season. Although the stories do fit into a series chronology, they can all be read as stand-alone stories. Stories are available in html format as text files at the main fanfic archives.

Steamy fanfic for adults only...

If you are over 18, and are interested in the activities of Lois and Clark that would never be shown on "Family TV," those stories exist as well. We call them "nfic" or "naughty fanfiction." Because of the high number of young fans, FoLCs tend to be more protective of their adult stories than other fandoms.

Zoomway's site has a Restricted Nfic Message Board. You'll need to register to get the password.