“Legion of Super-Heroes” Adult Animated Series Coming to HBO Max


HBO Max is adapting Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook’s run on the comic book title “Legion of Super-Heroes” as an adult animated series.

Bendis reported the news via his own newsletter saying, “HBO Max has put me to work on a Legion of Super-Heroes TV show. At the moment it is being developed as an adult animated show. Can you tell I am jumping up and down about this? I’ve been working on it for a while and last week I was sent to the next phase.”

“I know Legion news can be… infrequent. So many diehard Legion fans follow me so I asked special permission to update all of you on this project in development.”

Bendis also confirmed that the animated series will be based on his comic book run on the title.

“And just like that series, on sale now, it will harken back to so many classics while at the same time doing what Legion does: pushing all the ideas of superheroes forward in every direction… I think Legion of Super-Heroes is among the greatest franchises in the history of comics and I’m as honored to be curating them as I was Spider-Man.”

The writer did tell fans not to expect the series to premiere anytime soon, with animation projects taking quite some time to come to fruition. “I’m just getting to work on it over the break… But, in the meantime, you can read the comic book version of these amazing characters both in our most recent series and in some of the greatest comics ever made.”

“Legion of Super-Heroes” by Brian Michael Bendis started off in 2019 with “Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium,” which was followed up by the ongoing “Legion of Super-Heroes” series in which Jon Kent travelled to the 32nd century to join the heroes of the future.

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December 22, 2021 7:42 am

I’m a big Legion fan. I have been wanting a Legion show. So I’m pleased to hear one is coming. But I hope it doesn’t follow Bendis’s run too closely. Even as a Legion fan I found it difficult to follow and felt like it didn’t really go anywhere.

December 22, 2021 11:38 pm

I really wish it was a continuation of the 2006 Legion of Superheroes animated series instead. :-/

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