“Krypton” Showrunner Talks Doomsday, Season 2 and More

Ahead of tonight’s Season 1 finale of “Krypton”, CBR.com caught up with showrunner Cameron Welsh to discuss Brainiac, Kandor, General Zod, Doomsday and what we can expect from Season 2. Here are a few excerpts from the interview…

For now, Doomsday remains in a deep freeze. What conversations did you have about realizing this powerhouse predator on the small screen?

We had many, many conversations about how to best realize Doomsday. I know that so far, we haven’t seen that much of him, just glimpses, and that’s for a few reasons. Firstly, story. We don’t want to rush his introduction. Secondly, we wanted to take all the time we had to develop the concept designs in order to deliver the very best Doomsday we could, one that DC fans would be truly excited to see. Our VFX team, led by the brilliant Ian Markiewicz, really delivered the goods with this Doomsday. We referenced the iconic Dan Jurgens Doomsday design and that was our foundation. In fact, in the finale, we tip our hat to the great Dan Jurgens with some of the visuals as we further Doomsday’s story.

Brainiac, Zod and Doomsday are all heavyweights in Superman lore. Which other characters are you hoping to introduce next year?

Is that not enough? [Russell Crowe voice] “Are you not entertained?!” We will soon be gathering all the key creatives to have that discussion. I have some ideas but in truth, I think there is still a lot more to explore with the characters you just mentioned. We don’t want to burn through them too quickly and squander the opportunity we have to fully realize these characters, to dig deep and try to understand what’s at their core, what really motivates them. That’s the beauty of television; you have multiple episodes and, Rao willing, multiple seasons to really peel back the layers of your characters and in doing so, we can sometimes challenge the very notion of heroes and villains.

Read the complete interview at CBR.com.

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May 24, 2018 5:52 am

I’m liking this!