“Krypton” Showrunner Shares Season 3 Ideas After Cancellation

“Krypton” showrunner Cam Welsh took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the cancellation of the series by Syfy, while also sharing some of the ideas they had planned for Season 3.

“Thank you, first and foremost, to the fans of the show that supported us throughout our two seasons,” wrote Welsh in a 3-page letter posted on his Twitter account. “Krypton was and always will be YOUR show. We made it for you, so please know that everybody involved left it all out on the field. Unfortunately, the challenge of keeping a show on air in today’s television landscape – especially a (relatively) expensive show for a network like Syfy – proved too great.”

For those who were wondering where Nyssa Vex ended up, and who those flying creatures were soaring above her, Welsh explains.

“I saw the speculation online and wanted to clear up. It was a squad of Thanagarians that Nyssa saw. She was on a Thanagarian occupied Rann, and we would have gotten heavily into the Rann/Thanagar war, with The Omega Men (not Darkseid) the wild card. Sigh.”

Welsh also shared more of the plans he and Luke Kalteux had cooked up for Season 3 of the series had it been picked up.

“I might get into trouble for this… But here’s the teaser for what would have been the first episode of season 3 that @LukeKalteux and I cooked up…”

The one-page script idea finds young Jor-El, who has been brought up by Brainiac, somewhere in Russia…

With Cam Welsh sharing these thoughts and ideas for Season 3 online, it seems highly unlikely that “Krypton” will be picked up by another network or the DC Universe digital streaming service as earlier speculated.

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August 19, 2019 9:11 pm

So from what Cam Welsh described , it sounds like Jor-el would’ve turned into something like the kid from BrightBurn? Um… What???

Still, I do hope that they figure out a way to properly conclude this series at some point. It really bugs me when a series gets a cancellation and doesn’t get a proper conclusion.

August 20, 2019 9:59 am

Why start a project at all if you can’t finish it? Way to go Syfy, I won’t watch your shows anymore as you have lost my trust that you will see it through to the end.

August 20, 2019 10:47 am

We don’t need another Brightburn.

August 20, 2019 5:13 pm

I agree MattComics. As much as I am a huge fan of this series, the Brightburn angle that they would’ve done in season three sounds bad. I for one am tired of the evil Superman angle. Brightburn, homelander in the Amazon series The Boys, and the injustice Superman, are versions of Superman I find hard to even watch or read about. I do wonder though if Seg would have then turned into a version of Superman if he had reached Earth. Granted he is Seg and not Kal, but(Season two Spoiler Alert, season two Spoiler Alert, season two Spoiler Alert)… Read more »

August 20, 2019 9:56 pm

Enough with the evil superman angle. It wasn’t even that cleverly done in Brightburn.

August 21, 2019 6:56 pm
Reply to  sundevil82