“Krypton” Showrunner Cameron Welsh Examines Each Season 1 Episode

Ed Gross from CloserWeekly.com caught up with “Krypton” executive producer and showrunner Cameron Welsh to look back at the entire first season, episode by episode.

“The biggest challenge was probably managing people’s expectations about what the show would be,” admits executive producer and showrunner Cameron Welsh in an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. “The short answer to how you can do a Superman show without Superman is that it’s not really a Superman show. It’s bigger than that in a way. We’ve tried to make a show that embraces a lot of the Superman mythology that’s known, but we also quickly moved away from being constrained by that definition. We have a whole palette full of other characters that are really interesting. That was probably the biggest thing we set out to do: to make all of these new characters that we’ve introduced as compelling and as engaging as possible so that we weren’t always living under the shadow of Superman, a character who was never going to appear on our show.”

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