Knight Models Unveils Kryptonian-Themed DCU Miniatures

Knight Models continues to expand its line of DC Universe miniatures with a Kryptonian-themed line of new releases.

Superman fans will be eager to get their hands on the new pre-orders available from Knight Models. Amongst the new releases are a Lexcorp Industries four-pack, which includes three melee soldiers (each in green and purple tinted armor) and Lex Luthor himself. One of the soldiers has a green energy blade for added damage, while Lex is seen holding a piece of Kryptonite. Also available is a Lexcorp Heavy Trooper. The trooper is much bulkier than the regular versions and comes with two shoulder cannons.

The General Zod and Guild Warriors set comes with General Zod, Faora, and Nam-Ek. Zod and Faora both come with alternate masked heads.

The supersized Doomsday figure comes in a comic-inspired design. This Doomsday miniature will pair well with the Superman figure, which is obviously the most coveted miniature in this new set. The standard version features the classic blue suit with red trunks and cape. This figure also comes with two alternate Superman symbols – a Kingdom Come Superman or a Red Son Superman.

The Superman, General Zod and Guild Warrior, and Doomsday miniatures are all playable with the DC Universe Miniatures Game rulebook only, while the Lexcorp Industries set and the Lexcorp Heavy Trooper are included in the DC Multiverse section. That means you can use these figures with the original Batman Miniatures Game.

Superman and the Lexcorp Heavy Trooper will be available for a RRP of US$20.00, while the Zod and Lexcorp Industries sets will retail for around US$40.00. Doomsday will most likely be available for US$50.00.

Pre-order yours through the Knight Models online store.