Kismet Decals Launches New Superman Wall Stickers

Superman Comic Covers Wall Sticker Collection

Kismet Decals Launches New Batman, Superman, And “Space Jam: A New Legacy” Licensed Wall Stickers

Kismet Decals has developed a self-assembled sticker product based on the hugely popular Batman, Superman, and “Space Jam: A New Legacy” properties for fans in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and Germany.

Since becoming a Warner Bros. Consumer Products licensee in September 2020, the team at Kismet Decals has been hard at work developing a new range of products and are proud to release 94 new designs to the world:

Amongst the new releases is a Superman Comic Covers Wall Sticker Collection featuring 36 different designs.

“This new range of wall stickers really represents our vision which is to empower the personalization of space with inspiring pop culture art.” – Joachim Sebastian, Founder of Kismet Decals.

Batman and Superman DC Comic Covers Collection

These two collections stay true to the original art used in the original DC Batman and Superman comic book series such as Action Comics, Detective Comics, and more. Collectors and fans will be delighted to now have their favorite comic art as a decal on their wall.

Kismet Decals wall stickers are shipped in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The large stickers do exceed 6ft for certain designs! These stickers are usually used as home décor, fan art in gaming and collection rooms as well as a statement piece in the main living spaces. These stickers are also printed with latex-based inks that do not emit solvent odors.

To differentiate themselves from other wall decal producers, the team at Kismet Decals uses an Augmented Reality Preview which lets anyone from around the world preview the wall sticker in actual size on their walls! This creates a unique user experience and lets fans truly preview the sticker before making their purchase.