Kevin Smith Talks About “Supergirl Lives”

Kevin Smith talks with DC Entertainment’s Hector Navarro about tonight’s episode of “Supergirl”, which he directed, titled “Supergirl Lives”.

Kevin Smith also sat down for a chat with to give further insight into this episode:

“What you’re seeing on Supergirl is this budding relationship between Kara and Mon-El that’s starting to feel [like The Flash‘s Barry and Iris],” Smith explains. “The writers are going to make us fall in love with these guys, and I hope they really nourish that story, because I think they’re wonderful together. There’s something very exciting and star-crossed there. … And the actors! Whenever Melissa [Benoist] and Chris [Wood] film a scene, it’s Charm City.”

But Smith is also aware of the relationship’s built-in tragedies, assuming the writers decide to stick with Kara and Mon-El’s original storyline from the comics.

“Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll get them forever, because I know the comic books,” he says. I’m not saying they can’t be together, but… yeah, they can’t be together. But I’m hoping we get the best of both worlds: We’ll watch the dance as we lead them towards a relationship, then deal with them when they can’t be together – if they end up playing things out like they do in the comics. The good news is that they can take liberties on the show. They’re not beholden to particular storylines.”

Tonight’s new episode of “Supergirl” is titled “Supergirl Lives”, and will air on The CW at 8.00pm ET/PT.