Katie McGrath Talks Lena Luthor and the End of “Supergirl”

Katie McGrath

With the end “Supergirl” drawing ever closer, EW.com caught up with Katie McGrath to discuss the evolution of her role as Lena Luthor, what we can expect from the next few episodes, and whether fans will be happy with the series finale.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview…

How does the mission to save Supergirl continue to unfold in this week’s episode?

This is the first time that you will see Lena working directly with the Super Friends. She’s always helped them, but now she’s part of the team. Part of it is her feeling inadequate and not good enough, and then realizing by the end of the episode that everybody is valuable, you don’t have to be a super to be a superhero. She’s learning that she has value even though she can’t lift a bus or fire lasers. It’s all part of her understanding that she is enough and she doesn’t have to be more than she is in order to make a difference.

What are you most excited for fans to see from the rest of the final season?

People are going to lose their minds when they watch all of it. The moment when Kara comes back is going to be very important, and it was for us too because we got Mel back, so it was great. But every episode up until we finish will have something that’s going to shock and surprise and impress.

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