“Justice League” Comic Book Gets New Logo

DC Comics announced today that the “Justice League” monthly comic book will be getting a new-look logo from issue #25.

According to the official website, “the updated logo debuts ahead of the 60th Anniversary of DC’s flagship superhero team and features clean lines and a signature star that has appeared on many of the Justice League logos through the ages.”

First appearing in the December 29, 1959 issue of “The Brave and The Bold #28,” the Justice League were soon in their own title “Justice League of America”, beginning with issue #1 dated November 1960.

The new Justice League logo debuts on “Justice League #25” with cover art by Jorge Jiménez and Alejandro Sánchez.

In this issue, released June 5, former Justice League hero turned Legion of Doom villain Lex Luthor makes the world an offer: Reject the Justice League, make this the Year of the Villain, and follow Luthor’s evil plans to save humanity… because justice isn’t getting the job done!