July 31, 2016: DC Heroes Superman PX Statue Paperweight

160731-StatuePaperweightPreviewsWorld.com has unveiled their DC Heroes Superman PX Statue Paperweight, one of three in the Icon Heroes range which also includes Wonder Woman and Batman.

From Icon Heroes. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. The Man of Tomorrow. Superman has been known as many things … and now he’s ready to be the defender of your desktop! Standing approximately 8″ tall, cast in high quality resin and expertly painted, Superman is presented in his classic, iconic attire!

Scheduled for release later this year, the DC Heroes Superman PX Statue Paperweight is to pre-order from the Superman Homepage Online Store now.

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August 1, 2016 12:34 am

The design and the price makes this a must buy.

August 1, 2016 2:16 am

Looks pretty cool! Upper legs seem a bit.. either too large, or not long enough, somehow. Still, looks nice.

August 4, 2016 1:51 am

Wow, that Superman statue is terrific! So great to see the TRUE costume again! It looks so much better/balanced with the red trunks! A must-buy!

I just wonder why his “S” curl is on the wrong side! (Should be to the left — you know, like an “S”!)