July 12, 2016: Dan Jurgens Talks About Writing Superman in “Action Comics”

09-actioncomics959FreakSugar.com has published an exclusive interview with Dan Jurgens, talking to him about returning to write Superman’s adventures in “Action Comics”. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

You’ve worked on Superman for several years. What is it about Clark that makes you want to keep revisiting the character? What keeps him fresh for you?

Dan Jurgens: I believe every writer finds characters that they really click with, for whatever reason. They simply seem to fall in sync somehow, as that writer is able to touch on aspects of the character that really click.

What I like about Superman is the incredible range of stories that fit the character. On a large scale level, Superman is such a powerful character that you can do a story about him going up against a threat that imperils the entire galaxy.

But it’s also important to note that he’s as human as we are. He was raised on a farm in Kansas and those attributes make it possible to tell a story that could be a seemingly small, character driven story as well. The entire saga of Superman depends on him being able to relate to us and that’s where the human aspects come in.

Add his wife Lois and son Jon to the mix and he becomes a character with tremendous range. I find that very appealing.

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