July 10, 2016: Sterling Gates Talks About “Adventures of Supergirl”

09-AdventuresSupergirl13The “Adventures of Supergirl” comic book titles is a digital-first series that is now also available in print issues. Writer Sterling Gates has penned a 13-chapter saga, which sees its final chapter released digitally tomorrow (Monday, July 11). The print edition of the final chapters will be released on July 20.

TheMarySue.com sat down for a chat with Sterling Gates to talk about the “Adventures of Supergirl” comic book, and how it all came about. Here’s an excerpt from the interview…

When I pitched this book to Andrew Kreisberg, I said “Look, it’s heart, humor, and insane heroics,” which is a line I kind of stole from Geoff Johns a million years ago. And I believe that. I think that’s what makes Supergirl interesting to a lot of people at first glance. There’s heart in every action she has, she always finds the fun and joy of it, and she will go to great lengths to do the heroic thing. Period. And all those things add up to form a very interesting vision of the Girl of Steel, and I’ve been trying to hit that pretty hard.

I also think some of the artwork lends itself to me being funnier. Like, Bengal’s style is so open and embracing, and anyone of any age, of any gender can pick up that first issue and Bengal’s art just sings, man. He’s just so good. So, I rewrote a couple of those first issues to kind of lean into that more, and to make it more accessible. And humor…you can have the darkest story in the world, but if you have humor, people will be willing to go with you on that journey and not be completely turned off by it. And we go to some pretty dark places in Adventures of Supergirl. It is a dark story at times. But by the end of it, hopefully, with this last chapter that’s coming out, people will see that Kara has come through a crucible and come out on the other side and triumphed.

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