Jon Kent Faces the World of “Injustice”

Jon Kent will be faced with the world of “Injustice” in the upcoming “Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent” miniseries.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #2

Writer Tom Taylor is set to crossover the world of “Injustice” with current continuity in the upcoming six-issue miniseries launching in March.

In a new interview published at, Taylor said, “Injustice for me is a very troubled time. I had so much fun on that book. Obviously, I was on it for years. I think I was originally hired for fifteen chapters, and I wrote over 150. But there’s a lot about Injustice that that rubs me up the wrong way. I don’t believe Superman, no matter what happens to him, can become that person. I don’t believe Wonder Woman becomes that person. So, for me, it’s a really interesting Elseworld, and throwing Jon Kent as sort of that beacon of hope and in a way, quite an innocent character and a character who wants the best for the world, throwing him into that world where his father has become a dictator gives us so much to play with. I’ve been talking about this story to all my friends who will listen for months, long before we knew where we were going with this.”

For those unfamiliar with “Injustice,” the comic book series (which ran from 2013-2016) was based on the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” video game in which Superman became a murderous dictator after being tricked into killing his wife Lois and their unborn baby by the Joker.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1

Taylor reveals that “Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent” will fit in within the latter years of the “Injustice” story.

“It’s right at the core of it. Around Injustice 2: Year 5, which people know is around the game time. It’s a really exciting time and it’s one of my favorite times to write as well—who’s alive during that time, the dynamics and what that means for Jon. Because it’s not just his father. There are other characters, other players, and other people that he knows in that timeline who are different. And seeing him interact with their different personas, and what’s happened to them, and how he hopes to help is a huge part of this story.”

“Injustice” isn’t the only element to the upcoming story, as Jon will face off against the villain who tortured him for years.

“Ultraman is the catalyst for all of this. This is not a good person, and he’s already made Jon’s life hell. So, for him to be out there murdering Kal-Els, which we talk about what that does to their worlds and to other worlds. It’s kind of huge. There is this massive confrontation brewing, and you’re all going to get to see it take place.”

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“Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1” by Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry and Jordie Bellaire will be available in print and as a digital comic book on March 7, 2023.

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February 7, 2023 2:50 am

He is playing Injustice.

Superman & Lois is now considered an Elseworlds story that has the Multiverse as a sub-plot that drives the series.

February 8, 2023 2:29 am
Reply to  PatrickRichard

Ya know what’s funny about that scene, is that Jordan playing a game about his dad. And in that game Superman’s secret identity is known throughout the world. So then how would Superman and Lois’s world not know who Clark really is if there is a game about him and his secret identity? It’s kind of odd.