Jon Cryer Talks About Lex Luthor in “Crisis on Infinite Earths”

Jon Cryer returned to the role of Lex Luthor for Part One of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover last night, and spoke to both and about his role in Part Two tonight.

Does Lex represent a sign of hope, someone who died and was brought back?

Jon Cryer: That’s a good point. But it always seems so arbitrary. The Monitor sets loose these characters and we’re all wandering around going, “what’s our purpose in this?” Lex has this incredible intellect, but he doesn’t know any more than anybody else. So he just gets into his usual single-minded, “me, me, me,” attitude and goes about his business.

Speaking of that resurrection, has dying and being brought back changed Lex at all?

Jon Cryer: It has changed him. He’s seen death. There’s no way to go through that and not be altered by it. What it seems he’s taken from it is an incredibly clear desire for that to never, ever, ever to occur again, and so he’s even more single-mindedly focused on setting his own agenda and not caring about what anybody else wants or need.

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You mentioned being familiar with the “Crisis” comic book storyline. How true would you say the TV adaptation is, as far as the things they will bring to life with regards to Lex?

Jon Cryer: I think it is incredibly true to the original, in terms of the thematics. Obviously the Arrowverse is wildly different from when “Crisis” [was published], so there are huge plot points that are different. But they manage to hit an astonishing number of plot points from the original, albeit with new characters.

Alexander Luthor Jr., for one, played into the “Crisis” comic books….

Jon Cryer: I am not allowed to say anything about that. [Laughs]

Give me one last tease of what to expect from the nights ahead.

Jon Cryer: Basically, Lex finds a way to make himself more powerful than he has ever been — and the havoc that ensues from that will be very entertaining.

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December 9, 2019 8:05 pm

popcorn, check
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I’m so ready for this!
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