Jason Momoa Reacts to Henry Cavill Returning as Superman

Doing media interviews to promote his new film “Slumberland,” Jason Momoa speaks about his feelings regarding Henry Cavill coming back to play Superman.

“He’s The Perfect Superman!” Momoa said to Jake Hamilton on YouTube.

“It’s awesome, yeah. I mean I love Henry, he’s amazing,” Momoa told ETonline.com. “Dwayne’s amazing so I’m like wow, what an epic thing if that happens for DC.”

Momoa also continued to tease a dream project with DC Studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran.

“Because of me, and my dream, Zack Snyder a long time ago, and now, it went to Gunn. and went to my boy Safran and they’re like, ‘hell yeah.'”

Many have speculated that this “dream project” is for Momoa to play the DC villain Lobo, but whether that’s indeed true or not remains to be seen.

“Slumberland” debuts November 18 on Netflix.

Momoa and Cavill
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November 11, 2022 7:12 pm

Jason Mamoa is always good at bringing hype and good energy. I like his cool and chill enthusiasm about Henry Cavill’s return as Superman. And another things I’m glad about is all the positivity surrounding Henry Cavill returning as Superman and people’s overall enthusiasm at the prospect of getting a new Superman film.