Japanese Superman Manga Series Ending Soon

Superman vs Meshi

Japanese publisher Kodansha teamed up with DC Comics to create a new Superman manga series in which the Man of Steel doesn’t battle villains… he’s been out looking for something good to eat, sampling food at restaurants all over Japan.

The “Superman vs. Meshi” series, which saw its first chapter published in the “Evening” magazine on June 22, 2021 has had a great run, however nothing lasts forever, and the series is about to see its final chapter published this summer.

The thirteenth and final chapter, scheduled to be released on June 14, will see Superman team up with Batman, as depicted on the cover shown.

“Superman vs. Meshi” is written by Satoshi Miyakawa (Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu) with art by Kai Kitago.

If you’re wondering, “Meshi” isn’t a person, the word means “meal” in Japanese.

Source: Manga Mogura RE.

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