Jack Quaid Interview – Giving “My Adventures With Superman” a “Positive Spin”

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, actor Jack Quaid talks about the difference between being the voice of Superman in “My Adventures With Superman” and his role as Hughie Campbell in “The Boys,” and why he prefers playing a more positive Man of Steel.

“What I love about the character is that he’s a person who wants to do the right thing. To see a superhero doing something super and heroic is very heartwarming to me.”

That’s not to say Quaid doesn’t appreciate the darker, more serious versions of Superman as played by Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel” and its sequels.

“A gritty Superman isn’t necessarily out of character. I prefer the positive spin on him, but I think Henry’s performance as both Clark and Superman was wonderful,” Quaid continues. “Every conceivable iteration has been valid; this is a character that has existed for so long and you have to take risks and try new things because otherwise you’re just repeating yourself.”

Having worked with David Corenswet on an unreleased pilot back in 2017, Quaid is also looking forward to what he will bring to the role when he plays the Man of Steel in the upcoming “Superman: Legacy” movie.

“When you meet him, your first thought is: ‘Whenever they need a new Superman, this will be the guy.’ He embodies so much of what makes the character special and I think he’s gonna knock it out of the park. No matter what take they wind up going with, I know he’s going to nail it.”

You can read the full interview at Yahoo! Entertainment.