Introducing the Hall of Justice and Legion of Doom in “Justice League”

With Scott Snyder set to launch his new era of “Justice League” after the “Justice League: No Justice” 4-part miniseries currently taking place, fans are about to see the introduction of both the Hall of Justice and the Legion of Doom to the comic book series.

Speaking with Snyder said, “What I want to do with “Justice League” is make it a) the best book on the stands, but b) the way I think I do that is making it connective, making it ambitious, all of those things. For me, I think the thing that we haven’t done enough of with “Justice League” over the last decade has made it connect, make it connective. I love the storytelling that’s gone on in the book from other writers, other artists, but what I miss about it was the sense of it being a hub for the whole DCU. That every great story happening in other books was reflected in Justice League, and once in a while, “Justice League” would drive story forward on those books, when those creators on those books felt the story warranted it.

For me, the Hall of Justice, in a lot of ways, it takes me back to my love of Super Friends as a kid and it has this tremendous pull on my heartstrings just because as a kind of visual, but more importantly, I realize as a symbolic way, it perfectly stood for what I want “Justice League” to be: grounded on earth, the Hall has public areas where people can go in and sort of be inspired, and find their own hero.

At the same time, it has these secret portals in it, the Hall of Justice itself, which connects you to Justice League Dark, Justice League Odyssey. One other team we haven’t announced yet, as well, but we’ve hinted at already, and that you’ll see characters like Green Arrow come and go from the Hall of Justice. You’ll see Atom, Ryan Choi, working in the med lab in “Justice League.” You see Vixen in issue one. You see Animal Man in issue one.

I want you to feel like “Justice League” is a book that effects, connects, and celebrates the entire DCU. For me, the Hall of Justice is just the perfect emblem of that. That’s why I felt like it wasn’t just a kid’s toy to get to bring it into continuity in a big way again, but it felt perfect for the sort of mission statement of “Justice League”.”

In another interview with, Snyder speaks to Lex Luthor’s role in the story, and the introduction of the Legion of Doom…

“Part of the fun of No Justice for me is how it’s a bridge between Metal and all this new stuff in the Justice League group, so it’s going to tell you the story of why Luthor decides that maybe he’s made a mistake trying to be a hero all this time. For Justice League, you don’t have to have read anything else to pick it up, but it’s one giant cumulative story. So, for us, the idea was looking at what happened in Metal with Black Manta, what happened with Sinestro when the Source Wall broke. All of these things are catalysts for Luthor to say, “You know what? Maybe being a hero – maybe the heroes themselves – are this fallacy. Maybe the whole thing is the wrong way for humans to be.”

So having seen what happens in No Justice, and how strong the force of Entropy is on Earth, it really gives him a glimpse into his possible purpose in life. So when he comes back it brings him into conflict with another big DC character who I don’t want to give away – but, another villain who is trying to form an Injustice Gang.

The story is really about why, in this particular moment, an Injustice Gang, all that stuff, would be too small. We need something as big as the Legion of Doom – which we haven’t really seen in continuity, save for a couple small glimpses in Elsewords or things like that. I wanted to bring them back full force, set it against the Hall of Justice, and have it be the biggest clash that we’ve been able to do at DC in many, many years.”

“Justice League #1” will be released on Wednesday, June 6.

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On the one hand I think I get where he’s coming from on the whole connective thing and I like the idea of the Justice League being the go-to DCU book. On the other, it sounds like it could all too easily get really bogged down in whatever crossover clusterf**k whims DC has at the time.