Interview with “Superman & Lois” Staff Writer Adam Mallinger

Superman & Lois

All Star Superfan Podcast sat down with “Superman & Lois” Staff Writer Adam Mallinger to chat about The CW’s hit TV series.

Alan & Rob are joined by ‘Superman & Lois’ staff writer, Adam Mallinger to chat all about working on the first three seasons incredible series, from missing out on working on another CW show to landing his dream job writing the Man of Steel, from peppering the show with callbacks to previous live action iterations, to the crushing difficulties of working through the Covid pandemic and his very personal contributions to the ‘Earth Prime: Superman & Lois’ tie-in comic book. We talk all about the heartbreak surrounding the show’s imminent conclusion and the various factors that played into it.

PLUS be the first to hear Adam’s pitch to DC Comics for a 3 Supermen team up which includes THREE (count ’em THREE) former live-action Supermen joining forces!