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Last week announced that the world’s two most valuable comic books – “Action Comics #1” and “Detectice Comics #27” – would be going head-to-head in an historic auction.

“Since the dawn of our industry, these two books have vied for market supremacy,” said Stephen Fishler, founder/co-owner of ComicConnect, in a recent press release.

Fishler, a long-time industry authority, created the 10-point comic grading scale that is now the gold standard.

“Collectors have hotly debated this topic for decades. For similarly-graded copies of these two incredibly-valuable books to come up for sale at once…it’s an incredibly rare occurrence.”

In an exclusive interview with the Superman Homepage, Fishler speaks with T.A. Ewart about this historic auction, which he thinks will sell for more, and why the Superman/Batman debate continues to be a hot topic.

The 1938 Action Comics #1 is graded 5.0; the 1939 Detective Comics #27 is 6.0. Both comics are unrestored, which means they haven’t been retouched or repaired – a fact that makes them even more desirable in the eyes of many collectors.

The online auction kicked off on on Monday, March 19 and ends Friday, March 23. Bidding will take place nightly during five sessions that run from 7pm-12am, EDT.

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March 22, 2018 10:58 am

And its official…..action #1 815,000 Detective #27 732,000… comics writers might like to write Batman winning but in the real world we all know the truth… and in our world lets face it…. Money Talks!!! Winner: SUPERMAN!!!