Interview – Everything You Need to Know About “Krypton’s Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge”

To celebrate the premiere of SYFY’s original Superman prequel series KRYPTON and the 1000th issue of Action Comics, SYFY is challenging Superman and DC Comics mega-fans to put their knowledge to the test with a live trivia challenge titled “Krypton’s Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge”.

The Superman Homepage caught up with Colleen Mohan SVP, Brand Marketing at NBCUniversal Media, to give us an in-depth overview on the trivia challenge.

Q: Running over 10 nights, what can fans expect from the “Krypton Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge”? How will it work?

Colleen: To introduce Superman and DC enthusiasts to our new original series, KRYPTON, we are giving them the opportunity to show off their knowledge with the KRYPTON FAN OF STEEL LIVE TRIVIA CHALLENGE. During each night’s challenge, contestants will answer ten multiple choice questions in real time as they compete head to head for a $1,000 prize. Questions will get more difficult as the game progresses.

Q: How many multiple choice questions will be asked each episode? How long with each “Krypton’s Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge” run for?

Colleen: Each game will consist of ten multiple choice questions and last 8-10 minutes.

Q: Can you reveal some of the special guests you have lined up to appear on the “Krypton Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge”?

Colleen: In addition to host Tiffany Smith, special guests from the comic book world include writer Gail Simone (“Birds of Prey,” “Wonder Woman”) and writer/artist Brian Michael Bendis (“Ultimate Spider-Man,” “Age of Ultron”), as well as other industry influencers.

Q: Is the “Krypton Fan of Steel Live Trivia Challenge” open to U.S. fans only, or will fans from all around the world be able to participate?

Colleen: The game is open only to U.S. fans.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely difficult), how challenging do you anticipate the questions being?

Colleen: Each night, questions will start at a beginner level of difficulty and become harder and harder with each question as fans get closer to the nightly $1,000 prize.

The trivia contest will take place on SYFY WIRE nightly at 8.00pm ET/5.00pm PT beginning tonight, March 12 and leading up to KRYPTON’s premiere on Wednesday, March 21 at 10.00pm/9.00pm CT.

Each night, host Tiffany Smith and special guests from the comic book world will incorporate lore from Krypton, Superman and the larger DC canon. Fans will have a few seconds to respond to multiple choice questions developed by SYFY and award-winning comic book writer, Mark Waid (“Kingdom Come”), as they compete for the nightly $1,000 cash prize.