Superman Homepage "World's Finest" Serial #2

Welcome to the second Superman Homepage "World's Finest" Serial! A massive 33-part story line created as Fan-Art by Superman fan Jerry Newingham.

If you haven't seen Jerry's first "World's Finest" Serial, be sure to check it out!

Here's Jerry's introduction in his own words...

Superman... A fictional hero with no more substance than the air you breath oryour dreams.But for me the last 2 and a half years he's been my life boat and rescuer. I won't go into the reasons for that statement, other than to say just as the comic book Superman comes through when he's needed, he came through for me.

This second serial is a Back to Krypton story... However, for you nit pickers and fans of the modern day Superman, don't look forany resemblance to himor my adherence to DC's current continuity. My story takes place in a latter 1940s that never took place in Superman Mythology. I also mix the Silver Age elements with Golden Age elements, and even brief cameos of the old George Reeve's TV series charactersof Perry White, Lois Lane, and Inspector Henderson.

Even with the liberties I've taken, I worked very hard at remaining true to the spirit of the Superman Mythology and what the character of Supermanin my opinion is supposed to be all about.

Batman, my second favorite, is also in this story, ergo the "World's Finest" title. As with the first serial, I feel the artwork is a litle cruder in the first half than the second half. I had to work hard at improving drawing with a mouse. I also tried to pay homage in some scenes to a few Superman artists that most of you will be unfamiliar with. This story is wholly original. I tried to conceive of ideas and plotlines that Superman writers past OR present had never thought of, and I believe I've suceeded. So here it is, and I hope youenjoy it.

Jerry Newingham (
[July 2004]


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Previous Chapters:

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