Superman Homepage "World's Finest" Serial

Welcome to the Superman Homepage "World's Finest" Serial! A 17-part story line created as Fan-Art by Superman fan Jerry Newingham. Here's Jerry's introduction in his own words...

Steve asked me to give a brief background story for my reason for creating this serial...
To begin with, from early childhood I've always been a Superman fan, I've always had a creative bent, and a meager artistic talent.
Without going into details, my wife and I have suffered under some tragic and distressing experiences this past year. I needed something to take my mind from these things. In high school I used to make my own humorous comics to entertain my friends with.
However I wouldn't be able to pursue that vein under my circumstances.
I always had a childhood dream of penciling a Superman comicbook. And with that thought I felt the creative juices flowing and knew I found something I could escape into.
The result is this serial adventure with Superman and Batman.
I apologize for the artwork, it's been a long time since I did any drawing with a computer mouse and I had to improve as the story advanced. Personally I hope you overlook that and get caught up in the storyline. I did my best to keep you from being able to second guess it.
My daughter has been enthusiastic about it, and suggested I send an installment to Steve... The result is a surprise to me, but here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

Jerry Newingham (
[February 2003]

Here's the complete 17 chapter index of the Superman Homepage "World's Finest" Serial...

[Note: These serial chapters are GIF files of a somewhat large file size. If you experience any trouble viewing them try saving the GIF file to your computer's harddrive and viewing it at your pleasure].