Sale of the Century (IAOS)

Previous chapters of the Interactive Adventures of Superman have been collected here for you to read. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the story on this page was never completed, and marked the demise of the Interactive Adventures of Superman.

Feel free to read the previous storyline titled "Voodoo Childe II" (by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page) which was a prelude to the storyline on this page.

"Sale of the Century" Chapters:
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"Sale of the Century"

Plot/Writing: Gareth Baker
Illustrations: Michael Lum

Chapter One - "United We Stand"

When the lift stopped, Superman got out. He had been to the United Nations before, but the huge room where all the member countries sat still amazed him. He believed in humanity, even if some others didn't. These people were here to try to make the world a better place. Help the starving, stop wars even if they didn't always get it right.

A security officer nodded to Superman and led him to a special "Guest" chair whilst the committee continued their present debate.

"Then it is agreed. We shall send a team into Bhutran to investigate. I see that Superman has arrived, we can move onto the next thing on the agenda. I call upon the honourable Australian representative."

From the far side of the huge circle of members a woman stood. She took a quick drink from her glass and began her presentation. "Members of the council, Superman. A while back a small war occurred on our soil. A supervillain known as Conduit fought Superman on our soil and somehow resurrected four Daxamites from the invasion."

Superman could feel his stomach tie in knots. Were they going to accuse him of something?

"A great amount of property was destroyed, one of our greatest news teams, a husband and wife team, were amongst the injured. However, despite this, it would seem this was a good thing to happen." She paused, to allow various members catch up as the speech was interpreted into their own language. Several looked confused or scratched their heads. "After the conflict, a military unit was sent in to investigate the uncovered Daxamite ship. They never came out alive. If you could all look at your monitors, we have this security footage."

The guard that took Superman to his seat handed him a small portable television. An image appeared. The film had been taken by a helmet mounted camera of one of the team. Superman watched and listened to the film as they worked their way through the ship.

"Captain. This door won't open." said one of the men. The team took up positions around the large doors that could not be opened. The officer ordered it to be blown open. Another man set the charge and the team took cover. The explosion didn't destroy the door, but left a hole big enough for one man. The commander sent one man in, and the camera was moved to look though the hole. The lone soldier looked around the room, it was filled top to bottom with glass containers that contained a pink substance. When the soldier picked one up, Superman knew what was going to happen. The container slipped from the soldiers hands. The sound of broken glass could be heard from off camera. Suddenly the soldier grasped this throat and began to choke. The camera began to shake and jar as the soldier with the camera began to cough too. As he fell to the floor he twisted. The rest of the team came into picture. All of them were dying horrible deaths. The film ended.

"Luckily we were watching this via live feed and we were able to close the main hatch before any of this substance escaped. Superman, we need your help. The council has already agreed, that if you agree, we want this terrible weapon, indeed the whole ship, dumped into the sun."

Chapter Two - "Enemies and Allies"

Superman at the UNThe UN Security Council gazed at the Man of Steel as he stood in the very centre of their circular audience chamber. His hands which were behind his back, moved to his front as he rubbed his chin. He could tell by his superhearing that several heartbeats went up. They were expecting him to say "no". Did they still not trust him after the whole Dominus incident? Then why ask him? There were any number of people who they could have asked.

Superman dropped his arms to his side, slowly looked around the chamber and then turned to look at the Australian Diplomat. He stepped forward slightly and said. "I will certainly consider it. I have many questions to ask."

"Of course, Superman." answered the Secretary General.

"Why me?"

"You have the abilities that we need. You are known as the world's champion." answered the Australian member of the council. He could tell by the way that the Man of Steel was looking at him, that Superman wanted more information. "It is our intention to throw the bacterial weapon into the sun."

Superman nodded. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"May we ask why?" asked the English member.

"Let's just say, I've had several bad experiences after throwing things into the sun." said Superman. He quickly thought back to The Eradicator. He had thrown an electronic device into the sun and it returned in a humanoid form to try and turn Earth into another Krypton.

"We do have another option. One we'd rather not take." said the Secretary General.

"What?" asked Superman.

"We have a mission planned to take the weapon and bury it on the surface of the moon."

"And what's the problem with that?"

"Some members of the Council don't feel that is sufficient." the Secretary General replied. "It could be recovered."

"By whom?" said Superman as he folded his arms. He felt as if there was something he wasn't being told.

Superman talks"It is believed that there are several terrorist and criminal groups who could launch a mission and bring it back to use for their own gains. Your own city's Intergang, could well have the ability."

"If we burried it on the moon, what would be my role, Secretary General?"

"Because of this fear, you would be its escort and then we'd like you to drill a hole to the very centre of the planet and leave it there. Sealed in forever."

"Will I be working with NASA or will it be a combined UN mission?" Superman inquired.

"Neither, Superman" said a new voice. Although Superman could not see the face, he knew the voice. It had once sounded Australian, but no longer. Superman turned through one hundred and eighty degrees and watched Lex Luthor walk down some stairs and into the centre next to him.

"You must be joking, Secretary General! This mad man destroyed half of Metropolis, killed thousands..." Superman raved.

"I was cleared in a court of law, Superman. You however, why have you got away with taking over the world?" said Luthor calmly.

"That's enough, gentlemen. LexCorp is the best equipped for the mission. We have considered what you have said Superman about Lex's past, that's why you are going on escort. Now, Superman. We need an answer or we'll miss our launch window." said the Secretary General finally.

Chapter Three - "No One Can Hear You Scream"

Superman had to admit that he was impressed. The view from LexPort was impressive as the large space station orbited high above the Earth. Superman remembered the last time he had come here. It was a jumping off point for a series of event that led to him meeting a race of vicious aliens, with acid for blood, and almost the end of his life. He had hoped to find a piece of Krypton, and at first was disappointed. He had met a girl called Kara. If she was from Krypton, it would mean he was no longer alone. I am no longer alone. Superman smiled, I have Lois he thought. What impressed Superman more than the view, was that LexCorp had managed to construct such a sophisticated facility. If only Lex used his gifts for good, Superman thought.

Superman was convinced that Lex wanted far more than just seeing the Daxamite virus put to rest. He would want it for himself, to study, to enhance, to use it against Superman, or worse against humanity. At least Lex wasn't here. Superman had demanded that if he was going to help the UN, Lex had to remain behind on Earth. Naturally Lex, objected, but he couldn't really threaten and manipulate the way he did normally, not in front of the UN.

"Ahhh, Superman. There you are," said Lex as he strode through the observation room, to stand beside Superman to look down on the Earth.

Or could he?

"It's a wonderful view isn't it? I believe that that is Metropolis now," said Lex as he pointed out of the plasteel viewport. "I like the view from up here. It's better than from the top of my tower. I like to look down at my people." Lex looked at Superman to check for a reaction.

Superman continued to look forward ignoring Lex and using his telescopic vision to search for Lois. He was sure she was looking up at him. "How did you get here?" The Man of Steel asked calmly.

"This is my property, I have every right to be here."

"You were not to be on the mission." said Superman as he turned to face his nemesis.

"And I won't be. If you bothered to read the mission brief, you would realise that I am not allowed to accompany you on the spaceplane." Lex folded his arms across his chest and smiled. "Do be careful out there Superman. You never know what might happen in the unknown of space. Remember in space no one can hear you scream. Talking of screaming, I have an appointment with Mercy and Hope." Lex turned and left.

Superman overlooks the Space OperationSuperman and Green Lantern hovered over the moon's surface as they watched the LexCorp technicians dig the crater that the Daxamite ship was to be buried in.

"Do you think it'll be safe here, Superman?" said Green Lantern via a communications link he created using his ring. "The ship I mean."

"Do you want me to be honest?" answered Superman. "The UN seem to think so if it's buried here on the dark side of the moon. Me, I'm not so convinced. Judging by the video footage they showed me, the Daxamite ship is infected with one of the worse viral weapons I've ever seen. If anyone should get their hands on this... I appreciate you coming on guard duty with me. This would be quite boring without your company."

Green Lantern smiled as pride filled him "I'd move the ship once the work had been completed. Who's gonna know? No one can see this side of the moon, not even LexPort."

"I can see." said Superman. "I had thought about that, but considering recent events, if I was caught moving it, how would it look?"

"I never doubted you, Superman. I knew you wouldn't try to take over the world." said Green Lantern in his chirpiest voice.

"Nice try, Kyle. People are right to doubt me, I make mistakes you know. There was this time, I'd only had the costume a year or so..."

Battle-suited figure attacksThe dark side of the moon was suddenly lit up by a huge explosion as one of the drilling rigs below exploded, forcing the three men who were working with it spinning away. Only their gravity controlled suits stopped them from spinning off into space.

"You take care of the drill," Superman said, "I'll get the workmen clear." The two heroes flew down to the surface of the moon. A large fire extinguisher grew from Green Lantern's ring and put ot the burning rig, whilst Superman checked on the three workmen who lay on the ground beside the ruined rig.

"Green Lantern, change of plan. Their suits have been compromised." said Superman as he pointed at the leaking space suits the men were wearing. Bits of shrapnel had obviously hit them and torn into their suits.

"Roger that Supes." said Green Lantern. "Look!" Green Lantern yelled, pointing out into space.

Three battle-suited figures were flying through space towards them, their laser rifles firing.

Chapter Four - "Disappearing Disciples"

Superman rescues the astronauts The look of horror on the men's faces is what forces Superman into action. He could see in their eyes that they were expecting to die. Superman was not going to allow that to happen. Grabbing the area around the rips, Superman pulled the fabric together with his superstrong grip, and stopped the atmosphere inside the two men's suits from leaking out into the cold of space. Superman smiled at them reassuringly and mouthed for them to hold on. One man understood and crooked one arm around Superman's neck. The other copied his colleague and held onto Superman around his waist. Lifting off, Superman hurried off towards The Watchtower, he just hoped he had enough time.

Green Lantern used his ring and created a large medieval shield to stop the laser blasts from hitting him. The two attacking men used their rocket boots and quickly split and flanked Green Lantern on both sides. Manipulating the ring Green Lantern made the shield envelope him, then forming a lance and a horse, he charged at the first of the two battle-suited attackers.

The airlock opened before Superman had even reached The Watchtower. Gently placing the two men inside, Superman looked up at the security camera in the corner of the airlock, smiled, saluted and flew off, leaving the airlock to close and Steel, Plastic Man or whoever was inside to deal with the casualties. Pouring on the speed, Superman headed back to the dark side of the moon. He had no concerns about Green Lantern's abilities, he had proved himself many times, but there were other drilling crews there and Green Lantern could only do so much.

By the time he had returned, all was still. There was no one there. The drill rigs stood silent and still, their crews no longer operating them. The two attackers had gone and Green Lantern too. Superman activated a telepathic link and attempted to contact Green Lantern, but there was no answer. What's going on? Superman thought. I was only gone ten, fifteen seconds at most. Using his telescopic vision, Superman surveyed the area but to no avail. Flying higher above the moon, Superman switched to thermal vision and tried to find any kind of trail, but there was none. Quickly, Superman circumnavigated the moon, but still there was no trace. How was that possible? How could they all just disappear like that?

Lex checks the screen "Sir," called out the young communications officer from his station aboard LexPort. "The drilling crews have stopped talking."

"What do you mean?" said Lex Luthor has he walked across the operations centre towards the comm. station.

"They just stopped, one moment they were talking about Superman then... it just went dead." answered the young man.

"Have you changed frequencies?" asked Lex, the man nodded. "Are they being jammed?"

"They don't appear to be..."

Suddenly the Comm. Officer was cut off by LexPort's first officer, Halliday. "Sir, look!" he called pointing out of the viewport. The dark side of the moon suddenly lit up with an explosion. "Send an evac. team." ordered the first officer.

"Belay, that order." countered Lex. "I give the orders around here. We'll let Superman deal with this, that's why he's here." Lex walked over to the screen and folded his arms. "Increase magnification." he ordered, and the dying explosion grew on the screen. It didn't help though, the screen still did not allow them to see into the darkness down there. What's going on down there? Lex thought. They've ruined everything. They've struck too early, the fools.

His search was complete. No one was left on the moon. What had happened to them? Where could they have gone? Could Superman have prevented it if he hadn't taken the men back to The Watchtower? Superman looked over at The Watchtower and flew over to it.

Once inside, Superman found that Plastic Man was indeed on duty. "Plastic Man, call up the rest of the team. I need them to search the whole of the moon, Green Lantern and eight riggers have gone missing. How are the two I brought here?" Before Plastic Man could answer, Superman said, "I must go." and was gone.

Superman patiently waited outside one of LexPort's many airlocks, before he was finally let in. Lex and Halliday stood there to greet him.

"What the hell is going on?" Lex demanded.

"We were attacked." said Superman.

"We saw. That's why you were there, you flying fool, why didn't you deal with them?"

"Two of your men were injured. I had hoped you would be concerned about them. Attacks I can deal with, but mysteriously disappearing heroes and riggers are another thing." said Superman, ignoring Lex's "flying fool" comment.

"What?" answered Lex.

Superman filled Lex and his first officer in on what happened. "It was a good job that the Daxamite ship wasn't there." added Superman. "I think it's safe to say that that is what this is all about."

"Well, that's that. The mission is compromised. Somebody obviously knows where we were going to bury it." said Lex. "We'll have to find somewhere else."

"Yes, somewhere only I know about." answered Superman. "Maybe Green Lantern was right. I should have done this in the first place." Stepping quickly, Superman began to move off and down the white walled corridors of LexPort. Lex called after, and then ran after him.

"The ship can no longer remain on board this station", announced Superman "We can't afford anymore 'disappearances' can we, Lex?"

"Just what are you trying to say, Superman?" demanded Lex.

"Oh I think you know what I mean." answered Superman. Speeding up, Superman ran down the corridor and left Lex and his entourage behind.

All the corridors on LexPort looked the same, white and with no signs. The walls also had lead in them, so Superman was unable to use his x-ray vision. He feared what Lex might have going on behind these walls. What experiments could he be carrying out in low or in a zero-gravity environment? Superman was able to make his way to the hanger, he'd been here before and he found it easy to remember things. When he got to the hanger bay doors, they would not open. Knowing that Lex would not be happy, Superman thrust his hands into the metal doors and heaved them open. Ahead of him lay the Daxamite ship. As he stepped into the hanger bay, the whole of LexPort shook as if something had hit it.

Chapter Five - "Down and Our for the Count"

The LexPort rocked again. Superman flew slightly off the floor to stop himself tumbling down. Pushing himself forward, he flew deeper into the hanger bay, passing by several fallen technicians, boxes of cargo and the Daxamite ship. Ahead of him, he could see the hanger bay doors. As he flew through them he could feel a crackle across his skin as he passed through the force field that prevented everything from being blown out into space or anything unwanted coming in.

Superman surveys the LexPort

Once outside, Superman spun himself around so he could see the LexPort before him. Standing at at least ten kilometres high and one kilometre wide, Superman felt quite small in comparison. Something caught his attention, a large cylinder, to the left of the command deck at the very top of the station. Just as Superman was wondering if that was the source of the attack, he had his answer. The head of the cylinder seemed to glow for a moment as it powered up and then spat a powerful orange beam at the middle of the space station.

Surging forward, Superman threw himself between the beam and LexPort though he was a fraction too late. The beam glanced off of his chest, sending the Man of Steel spinning off and the beam off at another angle and safely into space.

Luthor wants answers Lex lifted himself up from the floor, and battered Halliday away as the First Officer tried to help his boss. Reaching into his jacket, Lex pulled out a radio.

"Report!" he shouted over the sound of a blaring alarm.

"We are under attack, Sir" came back the voice from the other end.

"Don't tell me the obvious, fool. By what?" Lex shouted. "And will someone turn off that damn alarm!"

"A satellite moved out of it's geostationary orbit and has began firing on us, sir." Replied the voice just as the alarm stopped.

"Who's is it?" snapped back Lex.

"I don't know, Sir."

"LexCorp put ninety per cent of all the satellites up here. We have a record on, and a transmitter secretly placed on all of them. Find out who put it there and leave me, someone with a brain, to figure out what the hell is going on." Lex shot back. He replaced the radio in his pocket and looked up to see his bodyguards, Hope and Mercy running down the corridor towards him.

"There's trouble in the hanger bay, Lex." Said Mercy as she ran past her boss.

As the force field shut down, everyone who was in the hanger bay was blown out into space. Boxes of cargo flew from their mooring, even the Daxamite ship, which was firmly secured down rattled. Once depressurisation was complete, a group of battle armoured men moved into the hanger bay, their rocket packs manoeuvring them inside. Once down and safe, the six men went about their business. They unholstered their weapons and moved in towards the Daxamite ship. Two immediately ran up the gangplank, whilst the last four set about releasing the mooring clamps. With that completed, they gave a thumbs up sign to the men who went on board and who were now in the cockpit, and ran inside to join their companions.

With the ship sealed up tight, the thrusters roared into life and the ship began to lift off. The armoured pilot skilfully turned the alien ship around and headed towards the hanger bay doors.

"The bay's been reset. The atmosphere is returning and the force field is up. They must be preparing to come in," said the co-pilot in a foreign voice.

Behind them, Hope, Mercy, Halliday and a large team of LexCorp Security ran into the empty hanger bay and began to blast away with their weapons as the ship tore away from the hangerbay and out into space.

Superman awoke, and found himself drifting in space. As he reoriented himself, he found the LexPort some way off in the distance and flying away from it, the Daxamite ship. As Superman began to pursue the ship, it launched a torpedo at the same time as the satellite fired an energy beam at the space station.

Chapter Six - "Judgement Calls"

Superman's eyes widened in terror as he watched for the briefest of moments at the double jeopardy that faced him. He moved quickly, he needed a plan but he could think whilst he flew. He decided that the satellite was perhaps the biggest threat. LexPort was sure to have its own defences that would be able to take out the torpedo. As Superman rocketed towards the beam that lanced out of the satellite like a surgeon's scalpel, he suddenly feared that maybe the torpedo was loaded with the terrible virus that he had been sent here to dispose of.

Superman intercepts the Laser Beam A few feet from the beam, Superman suddenly had an idea. He stretched himself out as flat as he could with he arms outstretched with the flat of his palms up. Pouring on the speed, superman braced himself as he intercepted the beam. His palm went straight into its path and sent the beam off at an angle.

Moving quickly, Superman then interposed his whole body between the beam and the space station. The beam lashed into his chest, but despite the pain it was causing Superman, he slowly fought against the beam and moved towards the satellite. With the beam still pummelling his chest, Superman quickly used a burst of heat-vision and severed the laser nose array off of the satellite and watched as the beam shut down.

Quickly spinning round, Superman watched the path of the beam that he had severed off from the main beam. He had planned it perfectly. The beam moved through space and hit the torpedo cutting through its middle, causing it to explode just ten metres from the hull of LexPort.

With everything safe, Superman headed off after the escaping Daxamite ship. It had quite a lead on him, but Superman was sure he could catch up with it. Suddenly a swirling mass appeared before the ship and began to open up like the iris of a camera lens.

On the bridge of the Daxamite ship, everything was under control until Superman cleverly stopped the torpedo and the laser beam.

"Sir, our wormhole has been activated" called out one of the masked crew.

"Good, Superman must not catch us. Our master has great need of this technology and weapon" said the captain from his command chair. "Open fire on Superman, do whatever it takes."

"Sir, some space/time anomaly has been opened in front of the course of the ship" said one of the crewmen as he sat looking at his monitor screen in the heart of LexPort command centre.

"Sir, a space/time..." Halliday began to repeat.

"I heard what he said. I want to know who that satellite belongs to. That caped fool can take care of the ship." shouted Lex.

Another crewman ran across the command centre and stopped proudly before Luthor. "Sir, I have the information that you requested. The satellite is an old WGBS communications satellite. But Superman has now rendered it completely inert."

Lex Smiled. "Send out a ship. I want that satellite. I want it torn apart. Somebody's going to pay for attacking Lex Luthor!"

Superman was right behind the ship when the first wave was fired. The laser bolt smashed into Superman's face before he even saw it coming. Blinded, Superman thrashed about wildly hoping to catch hold of the ship. The ship suddenly accelerated away, as the wormhole opened up further still, and was gone.

Shaking his eyes clear, Superman opened them and looked to see the wormhole closing shut behind the ship before he even had a chance to think about flying after it.

"Is that what happened to Green Lantern and the workmen?" Superman wondered to himself, as he flew back to LexPort.

Lex berates Superman "You let it go? Do you realise what you have done, Superman?" Said Lex. "You have really messed up this time. Your popularity is going to be even lower than it currently is. You fool. You... are... useless." Lex got up from his chair. and walked round the front of his desk. He stopped and admired his office on board LexPort. It was a home away from home. Filled with all the luxuries he had at LexTower, it just wasn't as big.

The door to his office chimed, and Lex pressed a button on his desk to open the door. Superman walked in. "Is everyone alright, Luthor?"

"If you are referring to the station, yes. However you just let the most powerful weapon in the known universe be stolen by terrorists. LexPort could have taken both of the attacks with ease."

"It was a judgement call."

"The wrong one, Superman" answered Lex. "Luckily for you, my people are already well on the way to discovering who did this."

"What have you discovered?"

"It seems obvious to me, Superman. The satellite was an old WGBS comsat. I would suggest it was Intergang wouldn't you?"

Chapter Seven - "Down and Out"

The calmness of space was so welcoming, that Superman thought that he would like to stay their for a lifetime, he had already been there two hours. If only he had brought one of Professor Hamiliton's oxygen masks. Superman found himself wondering about the old scientist, it had been a long time since he had seen him. Had he gone away somewhere?

Superman hovered above the Earth and waited for it to turn below him whilst he had these thoughts. America appeared below him, and then with a sudden burst of speed like a cheetah after an antelope, he was away. He needed to see Lois, needed to feel her in his arms, and he also needed to get some research done.

Knowing that Lois would also be at work, Superman headed towards the Daily Planet building so he could land on the observation deck by the Planet globe. Lex seemed to be busy today, there were several LexCorp helicopters buzzing around so Superman decided to land in a nearby alleyway, just a block away from the Daily Planet building.

"Superman, is... is that... you?" came a voice from behind the Man of Steel. Superman cursed himself, he had been so concerned with the LexCorp helicopters that he hadn't checked the ally out. Luckily he hadn't began to change. He turned to face in the direction that the voice came from.

Lying down on the floor, and taking shelter beside a dumpster was a homeless man. He quickly got up, using the dumpster to help him get to his feet. The cardboard and newspapers that he had been using as bed sheets fell from him. One sheet caught on the wind and flew towards Superman and wrapped across his chest. Superman took the piece of paper and began to hand it back, when he noticed the look of absolute fear on the man's face. Superman then saw the headline of the Daily Star.

"Treachery - Superman poised to become Kind of the World Again!"

Superman's eyes widened in horror and began to read the article. As he read down the page he didn't notice the man back away, slowly at first, down the alleyway and then run as if his life depended on it. When he was out on the main street he began to yell.

Superman could hardly believe what he was reading. Public opinion on him was at an all time low. Certain groups were accusing him of loosing the virus on purpose. Superman and all the other metahumans were plotting against the human race. They knew they were immune to the virus, and so could use it to wipe out the mortal population or hold them in slavery, and take over the world.

As Superman got to the bottom of the page, a fist flew through the paper and into his face. Superman didn't move. The puncher screamed in pain and lowered his hand, the page going down with it allowing Superman to see a huge, enraged crowd before him. The whole alleyway was heaving with a roiling mass of angry people.

Superman fends against the angry mob"You see that?!" the puncher shouted in pain, "He broke my hand. Superman broke my hand!"

"Get him!"

"Kill him!"

Within moments Superman was swamped as tens of people, men and women, young and old, piled on top of him. Superman gave way under the weight and sank to the floor.

"My God! What's happening?" Superman thought as he felt numerous ineffectual punches landing on him. "I have to get out of here, but without hurting anyone." He knew that would be almost impossible, but it couldn't be helped. He knew he couldn't go up. Using his x-ray vision, Superman discovered that, as he hoped, there was a sewer below him. Balling his fist, he punched the tarmac below him and cracked open the surface. Punching out a few more bits to make the hole a little bigger, Superman easily wiggled below the crowd and down through the hole.

Splashing down into the water below, Superman was followed by several members of the mob. He ran a few metres, turned and bent down. Putting his hands into the water he splashed it up into the air, and with a a touch of super-breath, froze it into a wall of ice, sealing off most of the tunnel. He ran...

Perry WhiteThe Daily Planet staff all sat around the conference table, at the head was Perry White, and beside him, standing with her hands on the table and leaning forward, was Lois Lane.

"We cannot possibly do this to Superman!"

"Why because of your relationship with him?" shot back one of the junior reporters.

"Stop it, all of you!" barked Perry White, looking at the junior reporter and then Lois Lane.

"The Planet has a duty to the truth, and if it is true about Superman, we have to print it." said Perry White. "No matter how much it might pain us to do so."

"That's my point, Perry" said Lois. She began to walk around the large conference table and stood behind the junior reporter who had questioned her ethics. "This rumour about Superman, began on the internet, a few cheap rags pick it up, then it's on the radio, TV, even quality papers. We don't even know if it's true."

"Then how do you explain the disappearances?" asked another of The Planet staff writers.

"Of the heroes? Green Lantern disappeared whilst Superman was trying to stop the attack on the moon. I cannot explain what has happened to The Flash, or any other of the others."

"And what about Superman? Luthor said he left the LexPort hours ago?"

"Superman was seen ten minutes ago, being beaten up by a mob" said Clark Kent as he walked through the glass doors and into the conference room. Everyone turned to look at him, and Lois, quite unrestrained, ran over to her husband and hugged him.

"Are you all right, Clark?" She whispered.

"What's going on, Lois?" Clark replied.

Perry stood up. "Go find out what's going on" he simply said. Everyone got up, walked around Lois and Clark and left the conference room. "Lois can I have a word?" asked Perry.

"I've left some messages on your computer." Whispered Lois. Clark left the room and Perry and Lois alone.

Clark sat down at his desk and read his messages that filled him in on everything that had been going on over the last few hours and put his head in his hands.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the story on this page was never completed, and marked the demise of the Interactive Adventures of Superman.