Somewhere in Time

November 2008

Youcef Belhaoues (

I've been lost and I've been found
I've travelled long and I've travelled far
To reach my new home safe and sound
And live under the yellow star

The time spent seeking answers
Was never lost for I finally know
Why my respect for life and its wonders
Lies deep inside and is eager to grow

Raised to uphold the capacity for good
I came to believe in a sensitive character
But longing to be loved and eventually understood
I've questioned my value, feared my faith might falter

Now more than ever am I ready to share
The beauties that life has to provide
Anyone with love and goodwill to spare
And warm light to let it all shine inside

As caring to one and all as I can be
I can show the way to the open hand and heart
Called truth, justice, compassion or generosity
My reason for being has been designed from the start

The road travelled in peace is one to value most
When harmony allows amity to gently spread
No time to waste on my doubt and my ghost
I will fight and conquer my one greatest dread

Through minor falls and major lifts
I live a life of natural responsibility
And while I was blessed with a supreme gift
I have sought to share with the world my humanity

But if I ever allow my foes to lie in wait
Or feel righteousness is past its prime
Recalling that the people I care for can be great
Will summon up the faith I once found somewhere in time