Through My Father's Eyes

June 2008

Youcef Belhaoues (

His blood rushes through my veins but he had to let me go
On a long journey he sent me to save me from certain death
He instilled in me one everlasting message for me to know
That pride in my heritage I shall hold until my last breath

He will forever stay beside me as my thoughtful guide
When arise moments of doubt, fear and confusion
His rich life, feelings and wisdom I have cherished inside
With his trust in my blessing I will carry on his vision

I will honor the name inherited from him and generations past
I will live among the common man but never ignore my duty
To stand for Truth and Justice, endeavour to make them last
And be the light to show the way to be as great as one can be

The reason I was sent off to a new home is now manifest
With powers and abilities that are inevitably called for
Resilience, composure and judgment will stand the test
Because fatherly counsel is here now and evermore

All the days of my life, I will carry him inside me
Never to forget nor fear but always realise
That I am his son and the heir to a respectable family
And that my life's been seen through my father's eyes