Man of Steel, Man of Heart

March 21, 2007

Youcef Belhaoues (

A new son, friend, ally and protector
You came from afar, a world that is no longer
To fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way
But your destiny lies far beyond this play
Astounding and epic powers, mighty and vast
You will use to protect and save us, first and last
You were born in another world but you will never be alone
Come to rest on planet Earth, you made its people your own
Over and above our lives, you entered our hearts and minds
Gave us hope and restored faith in men of all kinds
With your sound mind, you wisely show the way
With your loyal heart, you gently light the day
We plead for a righteous leader like you
An example to follow, in spirit of virtue
You speak for honor, charity and compassion
The message, if heard, shall bear a chance for redemption
An aspiration for greatness you do impart
For you are the Man of Steel and the Man of Heart