The Soul of a Hero

May 28, 2006

Mikey (

Why be moral? Why does Superman devote himself to saving lives and doing good? What difference is he making in the long run?

Despite even Superman's best efforts, there will always be Lex Luthors in the world. For every hero there is a†villain and for every right there is a wrong. The war between good and evil on Earth is one that has been waged from the†beginning of time, and yet the balance between them has remained evenly leveled all throughout.

The essential question of morality is "Which side of the balance are you going to be on?" Morality is a qualitative aspect of man irrelevant to quantitative measures. It's not about who can save the most lives while standing on one foot. Although he may have the capacity to do more good than most, in the long run, the world will be re-polluted with evil and death no matter how man good deeds Superman performs.

The realm of morality, where the real battle between good and evil occurs, is within every human soul. Superman's morality, and his greatest strength, rest not in his superhuman physical capacity, but rather in his unshakable devotion to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." No matter how difficult the task or tribulation may be, Superman will always come out victorious. Perhaps he will not always save every life, or right every wrong, but you can be certain that his spirit has never lost even an inch on the battleground against evil.

Thus every human being has the capacity to be as moral as Superman or as evil as Lex Luthor. Superman is not just a fictional character in comic book, he is the self ideal hero that all of his fans aspire towards.