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Superman fan Jeff Dubbin introduces this Fan Forum on Superman Philosophy...

"I didn't grow up with Superman; I read my first comic in college and have pieced together a thorough history of post-Crisis Superman mythology by working backwards against the flow of time, pouring over back issues in libraries and reviews on the web. I've only become intimately acquainted with Big Blue in the academic years of my life, and as such I see the DC Universe in a heavily philosophical context. I feel that the idea of a world with Superman has the most profound and interesting philosophical implications - after all, his very name is taken (and appropriately so) from the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. This is why I've decided to (under Steve Younis's direction) open a forum for philosophical debate among Superfans, tackling the moral paradoxes and theoretical implications of a World with Superman. This first essay is meant as a prototype, in which I'll develop my own topic for academic discussion about the Man of Steel, pose what I hope will be clear arguments (in this essay format) supporting my view, and invite you, fellow fan, to respond in like format.

My vision is to make this is more than any simple discussion board. At very least, I think such an undertaking would portray a level of dedication worthy of the icon whom we seek to analyze. After all, we all have an extensive repertoire of Superman knowledge, which is much easier than historical or analytical fact to use in an essay as evidence - writing an academic, philosophical essay has never been easier!"

Jeff Dubbin

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Listed here are the current crop of "Fan Philosophy" essays written by fellow Superman fans. If you feel you have it in you to reply with your own well-written, well-researched essay, then feel free to send it in for possible publication on the Superman Homepage website.

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