Boys Are From Venus; Men Are From Krypton

January 30, 2006

Cade Hand (

It's 10:30pm and I should probably be studying for my calculus test tomorrow but after stumbling across the essay "arena" on this web-page, I just can't help but express the feelings inside that I cannot share with others.

It is no secret that most people cannot share there deep secrets involving Superman. I mean, how could we possibly expect people to understand why we memorize the lines in the Superman movies or glue our eyes to Smallville every week, or read comics that are well hidden in your literature book in class. Without the experience and respect of Superman that people who write these essays have, you can't understand.

I can't say that Superman is my hero because I was adopted and I can relate, and I can't say he is my hero because I have some terminal illness that he helps represent hope for me to get through. The truth is I'm really unlike Superman in so many ways that it drives someone like me to become more like him. Yes, this essay seems to be jumping from topic to topic but the truth is, that's what Superman does for me. It makes me full of energy that none other can rival. I love and respect so much about the character of Superman. As we speak (well I guess type) I am listening to Radio KAL. Just today I finished a building rendering for an Architecture Firm and I included my trademark "Salute to Superman", that I put in all my buildings, by placing his images on the projector screen in the conference room. Superman is life, but what happens when life is not accepted?

Problem. Superman is for kids; comics are for kids. Those who started that mythology should be strung up by their own fear of public mind. Superman is public with me. I don't hide it. How can I say I respect and love Superman without showing it. I'm not obsessed, I'm just not a fare weather fan. With the upcoming release of Superman Returns, we need more fans now than later. The floodgates will fill, but after a year or so after the DVD release it will return to the mild simmer it is now. Superman is for adults, plain and simple. He represents what all little boys and girls should grow into. I think Jor-El summed it up quite well when he said, "they are a great people Kal-El, they wish to be; they only lack the light to show the way."

Once again, this essay is random but that is because there is so much to say. Superman drives me. It provides a moral line that is fast slipping in today's society. If this is one of the ways I can repay Superman, and intern show my gratitude then so be it. Thank you Superman. Thank you SupermanHomepage.