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Matt's Answers

Barry Freiman (Email address withheld by request) asks:
Will Lois's grievous injuries in "Final Crisis" ever be addressed in the regular "Superman" titles?

Matt: A more than fair question, Barry. I don't think so, simply because we've had so much going on, fitting the FINAL CRISIS stuff in has been tough. Same thing so far with the destruction of the Daily Planet. We'll definitely do something to make mention of that series and give a sense of where it fits into everything, though.

Rich (Email address withheld by request) asks:
With the news of Superman leaving "Action Comics", does that mean there will now only be one in continuity solo Superman book?

Matt: Well, yes and no. SUPERMAN and ACTION will both remain completely in continuity and the present, but so will Superman's new title, WORLD OF KRYPTON. We'll be addressing the absence of Superman from Metropolis and the rest of the world in the two existing titles, Rich. It's going to be an incredible amount of fun, I think, and the two titles (SUPES and ACTION) will be very different from one another.

Martin Alejandro Salinas (Email address withheld by request) asks:
With the anouncment of the Absolute Edition of Superman For Tomorrow, it was announced too that Jim Lee will be drawing two extra pages telling Superman's origin. Which origin will be used? A completely new one? The one from Birthright? The Man of Steel one? Geoff Johns' new origin?

Matt: Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies, Martin. But seriously, I can't comment on this - at least at this moment.

Mike McDonald ( asks:
Matt, thanks for answering our questions, it really lets us fans know you're watching! As for my question, you've said that the "Superman/Batman" title is not in continuity. Many of the story arcs, however, carry over to "main" continuity, Supergirl, Lex's fall from power, etc. Is the title being "not in continuity" merely a way to dismiss any storylines that don't fit with the rest of the writing, such as Lana dropping the K-bomb on Earth, while keeping those that further the main DCU?

Matt: Hey, Mike! You've paid me the highest compliment there. I really miss doing letter columns and interacting with the readers the way the editors used to answer my (and other fans) questions way back when. You've made my day!

As for SUPES/BATS, like I've said, the book does everything possible to reflect what's going on in continuity without being strictly tied to it, so they have the freedom to do their own thing. The Supergirl portion of that book's history does make a mess of that explanation, however. I guess we'll just say it is an imperfect solution to a perfect problem. I would just recommend enjoying it and not trying too hard to fit it into the larger puzzle.

Sam (Email address withheld by request) asks:
Hey, just wanted to say that I've been very much enjoying New Krypton (even if Pa Kent isn't around anymore). Just a quick question though: are Lucy Lane and Ron Troupe still married on New Earth, and is there son Sam still around? They're one of the few interracial couples at DC and it'd be a shame to lose them just so Lucy can join the military and Ron can banter with Lombard. Also, is Clark Ross around still, Lana and Pete's son? Where have all the children gone?

Matt: Ooh, sharp memory, Sam! Lucy and Ron are no longer a couple, though she did make a vague allusion to their marriage in the NEW KRYPTON SPECIAL. Her joining the military to try and honor her dead (so far as she knows) father and gain the approval she'll never get - even at the expense of her marriage - is meant to be a step forward in her character growth. As for Sam, lets just say he may be gone, but he ain't forgotten! (And that's all the comment I'm going to give on THAT topic for the moment.) As for Clark Ross, he's living in Smallville with Pete, and has been since Pete and Lana's marriage hit the rocks. Kurt addressed this during his run on SUPERMAN, as it so happens.

Mike (Email address withheld by request) asks:
Hi Matt. Any plans for further trade paperbacks in the 80s Byrne Man of Steel series? If not strictly chronologically, then maybe individual story arcs like the Superman in the pocket universe (Kryptonian executioner) tale?

Matt: It doesn't appear that there are any plans at the moment for more MOS by JB, but I've personally passed your request along to our Collected Editions department, so keep your fingers crossed.

Gerry Beritela (Email address withheld by request) asks:
Hi Matt. First of all, a MILLION thank you's for "Supergirl #35"! It was the origin explanation I and a lot of others have been waiting for for YEARS!!! Kudos to Mr. Gates and Mr. Igle and to YOU!! Well Done. Now to my questions regarding the recent revelations about Krypton: From what I've gathered, Krypton was actually destroyed by Brainiac's causing their sun to go nova after abducting Kandor. If so, then why was it a period of "months" after Kandor was taken that Krypton exploded? (Supergirl said Kandor was taken months before Krypton exploded). When Superman witnessed Brainiac taking that city from an alien planet the explosion happened immediately, and Brainiac said that Earth's sun would go nova in less than an hour, so why did Krypton's destruction take "months?". Also, at the beginning of the Brainiac arc Zod witnesses Brainiac's invasion and questions whether this is the disaster Jor-El predicted. This means that Jor-El had already discovered that Krypton was doomed BEFORE Brainiac invaded Kandor. How can this be?

Matt: Heh, heh, heh. VERY good questions, Gerry! Sounds like you and Superman both gathered that Brainiac was responsible for the destruction of Krypton, but Brainiac never responded to Supes' charge, now did he? Assuming Brainy really did make Krypton fall down and go "Boom!", the time it takes him to detonate planets has greatly diminished in the years and years that he's been doing his thing. After all, he's always looking to evolve and improve. As for Zod and his reaction to the Brainiac Attack, that was just speculation on the general's part.

Michael Masterton (Email address withheld by request) asks:
Hey Matt. Just curious how big a gap there will be (in weeks/months) between Geoff Johns handing over "Action Comics" to Greg Rucka and his first issue of "Superman: Secret Origin"?

Matt: I'm not at liberty to say when "Secret Origin" will debut, Michael, though I do know the answer, and I can tell you it won't be some huge, vacuous gap. Think early summer for now.

Steve asks:
Matt, with the announcement of all the plans in place for Superman comics in 2009, what will be the role of "Adventure Comics"?

Matt: Man, I wish I could tell you, Steve, even OFF the record! There's a lot that has been set up in both ACTION and SUPERMAN that will be forming part of the foundation for ADVENTURE, plus something very big that's coming down the pike from yet another source. You folks are going to LOVE this title, no question, and yes, it will be as crucial to the larger Superman tapestry as the other titles.

Have a great set of holidays, everyone, and see you in 2009!

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