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Matt: Hey, everyone. I've returned from the dead to answer your questions. I would like to propose changing the name of this section to "Ask the Unresponsive Moron." I figure, do the crime, do the time. Anyway, I'm deeply sorry to have left all of you hanging for so long. Hopefully some of the answers to your questions will sate your raging hatred for me!

Jose Zapata ( asks:
Hello Matt. I have a question regarding Powergirl and her current status. In Infinite Crisis, we were told that she is indeed from Earth-2 and was somehow saved when the Earths merged, and that's why (unlike other Earth-2 heroes) she didn't have a 'true' origin in the merged universe after "Crisis on Infinite Earths". That being said, now we have a New Earth, and I'd like to know: Is Powergirl a kryptonian from the Earth-2 universe which no longer exists (basically making him the only "true" survivor of that universe), or is her origin going to be fixed to fit within the New Earth?

Matt: Powergirl's true nature is something that is definitely in DC's plans. We'll be touching on that slightly when the second half of the "Camelot Falls" story beings soon, Jose. I don't mean to be dodgy on this, but it's not really my secret to hint about!

Freddie Crespo ( asks:
What is the continuity of the Superman books right now? What I mean is how far in time are each book happening? Superman, Action, Superman/Batman, any other in current continuity? Which is book happening first and last from each other?

Matt: Oof. That's a tough one to answer, Freddie. For example, the events of SUPERMAN #657-658 take place in a very short amount of time, as it's mostly Arion telling a story. Meanwhile, that all takes place prior to ACTION #844-850, while SUPERMAN #659 still takes place before the end of "Last Son." So it's hard for me to give you a clean, simple answer. You'll start to see elements of each book popping up in the other as we go forward, but there's no way to give you a clean timeline, I'm afraid. It's annoying, I know, but one of the downsides of having a character appear in two monthly books on an ongoing basis. And don't even ask me to try and fit SUPES/BATS into the equation - that book's very much on its own clock! SUPERGIRL is certainly in current continuity, and will become even more so in the late summer or fall!

Brian Minto ( asks:
Is there going to be an issue where Clark/Superman mourns or remembers Kon-El?

Matt: Nah, we hate him, Brian, so we're saying that his memorial is now next to the non-existent Spoiler costume in the Batcave. I kid. We showed the statue back during "Up, Up and Away!" that was obviously unveiled with great fanfare at a memorial prior to that story, and while we're not against telling stories now about events from the missing year or beyond (such as the upcoming two-parter in ACTION #848-849), we don't have any plans to address poor Kon-El.

Thales Gomes ( asks:
Hi Matt, I've read your answer and I have to say it's not good enough to just say that DC will do something in the near future to clear supes history. The fans have been hearing this talk since Birthright and there was nothing in this direction in the past years. Infinite Crisis was supposed to fix the continuity issues in the DC universe but didn't manage to do that, instead, it just brought a bigger mess. Please, fix this. Every Superman fan wants answers. Keep up the good work.

Matt: Hey Thales. I can relate to your frustration, I really can. At the same time, I can't really factor whatever DC hasn't done prior to my working on the books into the short-term plans for the character. I keep telling anyone who asks that the exploration of new and/or updated concepts is much more interesting, in my opinion, than just being given a definitive roadmap with all the answers that might otherwise come in future stories. I liken it to the Smallville TV show: Isn't it more fun to see Green Arrow or Aquaman and how the show handles them only when they first appear, rather than know months or years before how it'll all go down. I really do want to resolve this as much (if not more) than you, believe me. It's the kind of project, though, that we have to do right the first time, which takes time and effort we just can't spare at this moment. But consider this something of a campaign promise - assuming you all don't vote us off the books!

Andrew Marden ( asks:
Hi, Matt. Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions. Mine is pretty simple: Where does the Superman continuity pick up once "52" ends, and how does "One Year Later" fit into the books that are coming out now? Thanks!

Matt: A simple answer for a simple question, Andrew! Supes' continuity picks up post-52 in SUPERMAN #650. The "OYL" stuff factored more into "Up, Up and Away" than what's happening now, really, what with Superman's missing powers and such.

Victor Ayala ( asks:
Hi, Matt. I'd like to know if DC or WB have special plans regarding Superman for 2008 since, you know, it's Superman's 70th anniversary?

Matt: We most certainly do have some very large plans, Victor, the groundwork for which we've already started setting up, and will do so with greater speed this summer and fall!

Matt Loyet ( asks:
Matt, Great job on everything so far! Superman has been returned to glory. I can't say I don't agree with the concerns of fellow fans about the latest revamp and the lack of some clarity, but the stories hav been exceptional, leading me to feel confident that you and the rest of the team will continue to deliver and satisfy us all. My one issue, and yes it is a nit-picky one, is I request that one specific element from "Birthright" be left in the pages of those twelve issues and forgotten. Superman is NOT a vegetarian, or vegan, or whatever. Is this something you're keeping? There is no reason to make that change. I understand what Waid was trying to say with that detail, but it was a redundant point. Just my opinion, and I may be in a minority. Either way, keep up the great work. Thanks for continuing to make Superman the number one hero.

Matt: Truthfully, Matt, I wasn't a huge fan of Supes being a vegan and all, though no disrespect is intended towards the people who worked on "Birthright." Given that he was raised on a farm in the Midwest, with all the Americana-type menus that image conjures, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Joe Bawden ( asks:
Matt, hey I was just wondering if there was a plan on maybe bringing Chloe Sullivan into the comics now that she knows about clarks secret in smallville and all, or are you guys waiting to see what her fate is at the end of Smallville?

Matt: Hopes and dreams are certainly afoot concerning Chloe, Joe, though if they come to pass, we won't be seeing her until '08.

Chris V. (Vechs1981@HOTMAIL.COM) asks:
Matt, you mentioned in a past post that Superman meets Zod for the first time, does that mean the previous Zods that Superman met are retconned?

Matt: I'm afraid so, Chris. Such are the wages of stories like INFINITE CRISIS.

Jason Major ( asks:
Hey, Matt! Here's a straightforward question for you about CONTINUITY: DID THE 90'S SUPERMAN STORIES HAPPEN IN CURRENT CONTINUITY? Did he die at the hands of Doomsday, have an electric blue suit, get married to Lois - are those stories 'canon' or is this now up to the current writers of Superman and 'Classified' to decide?

Matt: No, they're still mostly in play, Jason. Certainly, Clark and Lois are still married, and we (and other writers on other books) make the occasional reference to Clark having died. Some things are just too big, and perhaps too much a part of destiny to change when the past changes.

Seth Michaud ( asks:
Looking at the current comics line, Lois & Clark, and Smallville, would you agree with me that Clark Kent is the real person and Superman is his disguise he created to be able to use his powers for the good of others?

Matt: Oh, yeah, totally, Seth! The understanding I've had since coming over to DC, lo, those many moons ago, is that Clark is the real guy, and Superman is the disguise, though really, aside from the powers, they're really quite similar in their beliefs and actions. Conversely, Batman has always been seen as the real identity, with Bruce Wayne being the disguise he wears.

Manny ( asks:
Hi, Matt: It's good to see how the Superman titles are being reinvigorated with this return to iconic stature, as suggested in this melding of Silver Age/post Infinite Crisis continuities. Hopefully, we'll see less of the reactive kind of Superman (who thus far, appears to be a bystander in the current "Camelot Falls" storyline), and more of a depiction of what makes this kind of being tick (the Jeph Loeb kinds of insight offered in Superman/Batman, for instance). My main query is this: Are Luthor's motivations for hating Superman still the same (or are we back to that puff of super breath that ignited his rage). Was Luthor ever President in the current continuity, and if so, how does the DC Universe governmental powers that be (Checkmate, Freedom Fighters, Kobra, et al) feel about an ex-U.S. President privy to all kinds of government plans and secrets, should Luthor be watching his back?

Matt: Yo, Manny. Thankfully for the self-respect of all involved, Luthor's motivations for hating Superman are a bit more complex than super breath! Having said that, there's a pretty significant element behind Luthor's hatred of Superman which we'll be delving into in a very large way late this summer or early fall. It's going to be cool, and we'll be continuing to meld aspects of past continuities at the same time. Luthor was most definitely president in our current continuity, something we touched upon in the early parts of "Up, Up and Away!" In fact, while the courts may have let him off for his actions, the shareholders of LexCorp didn't--which is why Lana is in charge now. And yeah, Luthor better watch his back--'cause someone is most definitely coming for him a little bit down the line.

Scott Treadwell (email address withheld) asks:
What's going on with the Superman comic scheduling? Why all the delays? We used to get 4 regular Superman comics a month, all tied together, now we can't get 2 main Superman books (ACTION and SUPERMAN) published on anything like a regular basis! Is it the writers? Artists? Printing process?

Matt: Hey, Scott. A fair question which deserves an honest answer. Were I still picking up the books each month at the store instead of working on them, I'd want to know what the heck is going on, too. Honestly, it's a combination of different factors, not the least of which has been some astonishingly bad luck, all of which have really conspired against us. It's maddening to me, really, and more than a little embarrassing. I appreciate that you didn't list "incompetent editor" as a possible contributing factor! Honestly, we're trying our darndest every single day. No matter how frustrated I get with the apparent lack of progress, Nachie (my associate editor/foxhole companion) and I keep dusting ourselves off and trying again. I really believe we'll get out of this eventually, but not being able to make it happen now is aggravating as hell. Having said that, I know the books we're working on at this very moment (some of which will come out in the fall--that's how hard we're trying to fix this) are very, very good, and I just can't wait until things are humming along smoothly again. Or for the first time, depending on your point of view.

Thanks Matt!

Matt: Thank you all--for allowing me to live.

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